Chief Gear Upgrade Priority Guide

Once you reach Furnace level 22, you gain the ability to craft Chief Gears. Now, you might be wondering which Chief Gears hold the utmost importance in enhancing your buffs.

This article is here to guide you through the priority of upgrading Chief Gears, ensuring you optimize their potential to the fullest extent. Let’s jump into the key Chief Gears that will provide you with the most effective buffs for your journey.

Get all Chief Gears First

Among the Chief Gears available for crafting, there are six different types, each tailored to enhance specific troop classes. The Coat and Pants give buffs to the Infantry Class, while the Belt and Shortstaff enhance the statistics of the Marksman Class.

For the Lancer Class, the Hat and Watch are the key Chief Gears providing useful buffs.

Once you unlock the Chief Gears, it’s recommended to start crafting them quickly. The strategy ensures that all your troop classes benefit from these buffs.

Start crafting with the Infantry Class Chief Gears, then progress to the Marksman Class, and finally, address the Lancer Class.

Right Upgrade Order for Chief Gears

Once you’ve successfully crafted all the Chief Gears, the next step is to focus on upgrading them strategically. The recommended order for this upgrade process is as follows: start with Infantry, then move on to Marksman, and finally, upgrade Lancer Chief Gears.

Here’s the reasoning behind this sequence: Infantry, positioned at the frontline of your troop formation, often gets the most damage from enemy attacks. Prioritizing their Chief Gear upgrades is beneficial due to the increased Attack and Defense, enhancing their statistics for better durability and attacks.

Moving on to Marksman, positioned at the end of your troop formation, they are susceptible to enemy attacks, particularly from enemy Marksman troops. Improving their Attack and Defense through Chief Gears is important, given their important role in dealing damage.

Upgrading Marksman Chief Gears makes them more resilient and better equipped to handle enemy attacks, contributing massively to your overall combat strategy.

Lancer troops, stationed in the middle, are generally less vulnerable compared to Infantry and Marksman. As a result, upgrading Lancer Chief Gears comes last in this recommended sequence.

Maintaining Consistent Chief Gear Tiers

You might be wondering whether to prioritize upgrading the tier levels of the most important Chief Gears or maintaining uniformity across all Chief Gears. The recommended strategy is to keep the Chief Gear tier levels consistent.

For example, if you decide to upgrade your Infantry Chief Gears to tier 3, it’s recommended to bring Marksman and Lancer to tier 3 before taking Infantry to tier 4.

This approach ensures a balanced progression, focusing initially on Infantry, followed by Marksman, and then Lancer when moving to the next tier levels. By maintaining uniform Chief Gear levels, you optimize your overall troop strength systematically.


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