Stand of Arms Event

The Stand of Arms in Whiteout Survival is a rare event, happening only once in a lifetime. It takes place two weeks after the Castle Battle in your state. This event follows a format similar to other smaller events within the game.

Players participate by completing specific tasks to obtain points. As you achieve various milestones through these points, you unlock rewards such as resources, speed-ups, hero XP, gems, and skill manuals.

Stand of Arms Point Tasks

During the Stand of Arms event, you have two primary tasks to gather points. The first task involves increasing your Chief Gear Charm score by 1. Each Chief Gear Charm upgrade that boosts your score grants you 5 points.

These Chief Gear Charms become available once your Furnace reaches level 25. To complete this task, ensure your Furnace is at level 25 before the event kicks off.

Typically, dedicated players will have already achieved Furnace level 25 by the time the Stand of Arms event starts in their server. However, if you’re a more casual player, you might opt to use gems or speed-ups to reach Furnace level 25 in time for the event.

The second task, however, presents a greater challenge but offers a larger point reward. To obtain points through the second task, you must use Hero Gear Essence Stones. These stones can be quite challenging to acquire without purchasing in-game packs.

Each time you use an Essence Stone during this event, you’ll receive 800 points.

How to Prepare for Stand of Arms?

To get ready for the Stand of Arms event, make sure to monitor the in-game events calendar. As mentioned earlier, this event usually takes place around two weeks after the Castle Battle in your server.

The tasks within the Stand of Arms event are undeniably challenging. Both upgrading Chief Gear Charms and Hero Gear Essence Stones require rare items, making the process difficult.

For upgrading Chief Gear Charms, you’ll need Charm Designs and Charm Guides, which are not easily obtained for free-to-play players without spending money. Therefore, it’s recommended for free-to-play players to begin saving these items well in advance of the event and use them during the event.

The other task is even more demanding, as Essence Stones are also hard to come by. It’s wise to start saving them before the event and refrain from using them until the event officially begins.

Stand of Arms Rewards

The Stand of Arms event offers two kinds of rewards. The first type is based on achieving specific point milestones. These rewards include resources, speed-ups, hero experience, gems, and skill manuals.

The second type of rewards are more challenging to secure since they depend on your position in the leaderboard. To qualify for these rewards, you must be among the top 100 players in your state, which is often dominated by pay-to-win players.

However, the leaderboard rewards include a larger amount of gems and speed-ups.


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