How to get Design Plans?

After reaching level 4 (Blue-1) with any of your Chief Gear, you will need Design Plans to proceed with further upgrades. Getting Design Plans can be challenging, leaving many players curious about efficient methods to obtain them.

Here are the ways through which you can get Design Plans:

  • Alliance Championship Shop
  • Foundry Shop
  • State of Power Shop
  • Tundra Trading Station
  • Events
  • Chief Gear Material Chest
  • Regular Packs and Weekly Benefits Card

Alliance Championship Shop

The Alliance Championship Shop is a good way to get Design Plans. However, if your state is not old enough, you won’t find Design Plans in the shop. Usually, they become available when your state has been around for about 130 days or more.

To get Design Plans from the Alliance Championship Shop, you must take part in the Alliance Championship, held weekly. After each Championship, you earn Championship Badges, which you can then use to buy Design Plans. One Design Plan costs 500 Championship Badges.

You can purchase up to 5 Design Plans each week from the Championship Shop. While this might not be a large number, it’s still worthwhile given how rare Design Plans can be.

Foundry Shop

The Foundry Shop is another excellent place to get Design Plans. To do this, you can take part in the Foundry Battle and earn Arsenal Tokens. These tokens can then be used to buy Design Plans. Each Design Plan in the Foundry Shop is priced at 500 Arsenal Tokens.

You have the option to purchase up to 15 Arsenal Tokens, and then you’ll need to wait for the Foundry Shop to restock, which usually takes a couple of weeks.

State of Power Shop

The State of Power is the biggest event in Whiteout Survival. By taking part in this event, you can earn Sunfire Tokens. These tokens can be used in the State of Power Shop to buy Design Plans. You have the option to purchase five Design Plans at once and then wait for the shop to restock.

The first State of Power event occurs when your state is around 80 days old, and after that, it happens every month. To get Design Plans, make sure to participate regularly in this event.

Tundra Trading Station

The Tundra Trading Station is an event that occurs every few weeks. In this event, you can obtain Trade Vouchers by exchanging surplus items, such as shards. For every 350 Trade Vouchers, you can buy one Design Plan from the Tundra Trading Station.


You can also obtain Design Plans from different events like King of Icefield, State of Power, Tundra Adventure, and more. In certain phases of the King of Icefield and State of Power events, reaching specific point milestones allows you to claim Design Plans.

Additionally, the game features major events every month that offer opportunities to obtain Design Plans for your Chief Gear. Make it a habit to participate in these events to increase your chances of getting more Design Plans.

Chief Gear Material Chest

In events such as Mercenary Prestige and Tundra Adventure, you have the chance to get a Chief Gear Material Chest. This special chest includes Hardened Alloy, Polishing Solution, and Design Plans. It’s a good option for obtaining Design Plans, so make sure not to miss out on events that offer the Chief Gear Material Chest.

Regular Packs and Weekly Benefits Card

If you don’t mind spending real money on the game, you can choose the pay-to-win method to get Design Plans. You’ll find them in the “Regular Packs” section in the in-game shop. Buying the “Chief Gear Enhancement” from Regular Packs gives you 20 Design Plans.

Alternatively, you can explore the “Deals” section, navigate to the Weekly Benefits Card, and choose the “Chief Gear Benefits” card to get 39 Design Plans.


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