How to get Hardened Alloy?

Hardened Alloy holds major importance in Whiteout Survival as it is an item required for upgrading Chief Gear. As you progress to higher levels of Chief Gear, the need for Hardened Alloy increases.

The following are the ways through which you can obtain Hardened Alloy:

  • Beasts
  • Polar Terrors
  • Alliance Championship Shop
  • Foundry Shop
  • Regular Packs
  • Chief Gear Material Chest


You can obtain Hardened Alloy by hunting beasts on the world map. To receive Hardened Alloy, you must attack a Beast with a level equal to or greater than 22; lower-level beasts do not yield Hardened Alloy.

The amount of Hardened Alloy obtained increases with the level of the hunted Beasts. For example, Level 22 beasts provide 3 Hardened Alloy per hunt, while Level 30 beasts yield 6 Hardened Alloy per hunt. Although hunting beasts is a slow process, it is a good source of Hardened Alloy.

Polar Terrors

Polar Terrors are another excellent source of Hardened Alloy. To obtain Hardened Alloy through this method, one must defeat Polar Terrors with a level of 3 or higher. This requires rallying on at least the Iron Rhino, which is a level 3 Polar Terror.

By defeating a Frost Gorilla with your Alliance, you can obtain 30 Hardened Alloy. The Frost Gorilla is the highest-level Polar Terror. Rallying against lower-level Polar Terrors will result in a lesser amount of Hardened Alloy.

Alliance Championship

The Alliance Championship Shop is a major place to get Hardened Alloy. Every week, when you join the Alliance Championship, you earn Championship Badges. You can use these badges to buy 10,000 Hardened Alloy each week. To take part in the Alliance Championship, make sure you’re in an active Alliance.

However, it’s recommended not to rely solely on the Championship Shop for Hardened Alloy. You can also gather it by hunting higher-level beasts and facing Polar Terrors. Save your badges for something rarer like Polishing Solution, as it’s harder to come by compared to Hardened Alloy.

Foundry Shop

Similar to the Alliance Championship Shop, you can also get Hardened Alloy from the Foundry Shop. By taking part in the Foundry Battle, you earn Arsenal Tokens, which can be used to buy different rare items, including Hardened Alloy.

However, it’s advisable not to use these Tokens specifically for Hardened Alloy. It’s better to invest them in even rarer items like Polishing Solution, Design Plans, and Charms Material.

Regular Packs

If you’re looking to get Chief Gear, you can buy the Chief Gear Tool Pack or Chief Gear Enhancement Pack from the “Regular Packs” section in the in-game shop. These packs are a solid choice if you’re okay with spending money on the game.

The Chief Gear Enhancement Pack is a better deal because it not only provides Polishing Solutions and Hardened Alloys but also includes all the Design Plans required for the higher levels of Chief Gear.

Chief Gear Material Chest

You have the chance to get Chief Gear Material Chests during major events, such as the Tundra Adventure. These major events occur every few months. Chief Gear Material Chests hold three important items: Design Plans, Polishing Solution, and Hardened Alloy. So, getting these chests can be a good source of Hardened Alloy.


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