Beasts and Polar Terrors

In Whiteout Survival, you’ll find two kinds of animals on your world map. The first type is the smaller ones called Beasts, and the second type is the larger ones known as Polar Terrors. This article will cover some common questions about Beasts and Polar Terrors.


There are the following Beasts in the game:

  • Cave Hyena
  • Arctic Wolf
  • Musk Ox
  • Giant Tapir
  • Titan Roc
  • Giant Elk
  • Snow Leopard
  • Fire Beasts (available during Flame and Fangs)

To fight Beasts, just pick them on the world map and send your troops with a 10 stamina cost. If the beast is at a higher level, you’ll need a stronger and bigger army, but the rewards for beating stronger beasts are also better. Beasts can have a maximum level of 10.

You can capture and tame all the beasts, except for Fire Beasts, to make them your pets. Each beast comes with a special ability that you can use.

Polar Terrors

There are the following Polar Terrors in the game:

  • Cave Lion
  • Snow Ape
  • Iron Rhino
  • Saber-tooth Tiger
  • Mammoth
  • Frost Gorilla

To take on Polar Terrors, team up with your Alliance and launch a rally. The rally’s strength decides how well you’ll do in the battle. Iron Rhinos are easier to beat, but tackling higher-level ones like the Saber-tooth Tiger is tougher, especially for new states. Leading a rally with Jessie improves your chances against higher-level Polar Terrors.

The first Polar Terror is the Cave Lion, which disappears as your state ages, making room for five other levels of Polar Terrors. Beating level 3+ Polar Terrors also earns you Hardened Alloy. Like with Beasts, the higher the level of Polar Terrors you defeat, the better the rewards.

It costs 25 stamina to launch a rally on a Polar Terror.

How to get higher-level Beasts and Polar Terrors?

The levels of Beasts and Polar Terrors in your state depend on how old your state is. As your state gets older, you’ll start seeing higher-level beasts and polar terrors on the world map. By the time your state hits 4 months old, you should have access to nearly all the levels of beasts and polar terrors.

Is stamina refunded when you cancel a Rally or March?

If you start a rally on a Polar Terror or send troops to attack a Beast, but something happens (like the target gets defeated before you arrive or you cancel the march), you’ll get your stamina back.

Do you get hero shards for being part of a Rally?

If you join a rally launched by an alliance member against a Polar Terror, you won’t earn hero shards for defeating the target. Only the rally leaders get those shards. To get shards for your heroes, you should launch a rally yourself.

Is pet Titan Roc skill applied to rallies against Polar Terrors?

If you use the Titan Roc pet’s “Armor Rift” special skill, which lowers enemies’ health by a certain percentage, it also works when you attack Polar Terrors during the skill’s duration.


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