State Transfer Event

The State Transfer Event allows players to switch states in Whiteout Survival when certain conditions are met. In this article, we will discuss how the State Transfer Event works.

Requirements of State Transfer

During the State Transfer event, you need to meet specific requirements to switch to another state. Here’s a list of these requirements:

  1. Your current state must belong to the same hero generation as the state you wish to transfer to.
  2. You must have a certain power cap, which you can see when you choose a state for transfer. If your power doesn’t meet the requirement, you won’t be able to transfer to that state.
  3. There’s also an upper limit for the power cap. If you exceed this limit, you’ll need a special invitation to transfer to that state. Each state has three special invites that the president can issue to invite three players (with higher power) they want in their state.
  4. The target state must not have reached its limit for state transfers.
  5. You need the required number of Transfer Passes. The number of Transfer Passes needed depends on various factors about a state, known as Transfer Ratings. The required amount of Transfer Passes can range from 1 to 75, depending on these Transfer Ratings.

Is State Transfer Permanent?

Once you’ve made the move to a new state, it’s a permanent decision. You’ll stay in that state, and there’s no option to switch again. If you decide about switching states again, you’ll need to wait for the next State Transfer event, and these events might only happen every few months.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose your state wisely and not miss your chance when the opportunity arises.

How to Prepare for the State Transfer Event?

To get ready for the State Transfer Event, you can begin gathering Transfer Passes. These passes are found in the in-game shop, specifically in the “Regular Pack” section, labeled as the “Transfer Pass Pack.” During the State Transfer event, you’ll have the option to purchase additional packs.

Each month, you can buy up to 85 Transfer Passes through these packs. Collecting a good number of Transfer Passes ensures that you’ll have the flexibility to transfer to your preferred state as long as you meet the necessary requirements.

Role of President in State Transfer Event

The President of the state plays an important role in the State Transfer event, influencing the event’s dynamics. Here’s how:

Power Cap Setting:
In the first phase, the President can set a power cap for the state, defining both upper and lower limits. This cap determines the range of power players must fall within to be eligible for transfer.

Special Invitations:

  • The President receives three special invitations that can be sent to players exceeding the upper limit of the power cap. This allows the President to invite three powerful players to join the state.
  • Additionally, on the 1st of each month, the President gets a special invitation, enabling them to invite one player to the state every month.

Event Phases:

  • Phase One:
    During this phase, the President sets the power cap for the state.
  • Phase Two:
    Players who received invitations (special and ordinary) can transfer to the invited state.
  • Phase Three:
    In this final phase, any player meeting the requirements can transfer to the state.

In summary, the President’s decisions, invitations, and power cap setting significantly influence the State Transfer event.


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