Exploration vs Expedition

In Whiteout Survival, we often hear about exploration and expedition modes. In this article, we’ll find out what makes them different and also take a look at the skill manuals for both exploration and expedition.

The Difference

Exploration battles in Whiteout Survival happen in the “Exploration” tab, arena, and the Lighthouse’s “the hero’s journey.” These battles involve placing five heroes from each side in a chosen formation.

You can either let the game play for you (auto-play) or take control yourself (manual mode). In auto-play, hero special attacks are automatically used when the cooldown ends, while in manual mode, you need to trigger the special attacks yourself.

On the flip side, expedition mode, also known as expedition battles, includes all the battles on the world map, whether they’re solo marches, rallies, or event-based attacks. This includes marches against beasts, rallies on polar terrors, and resource gathering. Events like Castle Battle, Fortress Battles, State of Power, and other world map events fall under expedition mode.

During expedition battles, you can pick a rally formation and choose the number of troops to deploy, along with selecting a hero to lead the rally, known as the “Rally Captain.” In these rallies, you must have one Marksman, one Infantry, and one Lancer hero.

Exploration Skills vs Expedition Skills

All heroes in Whiteout Survival come with specific exploration and expedition skills, which you can find in the “Heroes” tab under the skills section. Exploration skills are designed for exploration battles, while expedition skills are exclusively used in expedition battles. The number and type of skills vary based on the hero’s rarity.

Mythic Heroes, the highest rarity, have 3 exploration skills and 3 expedition skills. Epic heroes have 3 exploration skills and 2 expedition skills, while rare heroes have 2 exploration skills and 2 expedition skills.

Certain heroes, like Zinman, Jasser, and Seo-yoon, belong to the “growth” subclass. In this subclass, one of their expedition skills contributes to the city’s growth. For example, Seo-yoon’s “Soothing Dance” skill increases the healing speed of troops in the Infirmary, aiding in the city’s overall development.

To increase your hero’s abilities, you can upgrade both exploration and expedition skills using skill manuals. The type of skill manual required depends on the hero’s rarity. Mythic Heroes use mythic skill manuals for upgrades, while epic heroes use epic skill manuals. For rare heroes, the upgrade process involves rare skill manuals.

Exploration Skill Manual: You can use these to upgrade exploration skills.

Expedition Skill Manual: You can use these to upgrade expedition skills.


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