Jasser is a powerful hero falling under the epic category of heroes in Whiteout Survival. He’s a marksman, which means he fights from a distance using a gun. Jasser also falls into the growth sub-class due to his second expedition skill that speeds up research in the city.

Unlocking Jasser is pretty straightforward. You can get him through hero recruitment in the Hero Hall. Alternatively, if you’re a new player, you can simply log in daily, and Jasser will become available in the special trials. These trials only require a daily login, making it easy to collect Jasser and add him to your hero lineup.


Jasser’s look shows that he comes from an Arabic background. He dresses in the traditional Arabic style, wearing warm woolen clothes suitable for the extreme weather in the game. Over his outfit, he wears long cloak known as a “bisht.”

Around his waist, there’s a belt carrying a golden dagger. His right hand holds a rifle, while in his left hand, he casually spins a bullet between his fingers. He completes his look with a ring on his right hand, featuring a red gem.

On his head, he wears a classic Arabic scarf, or ghutra, covering the front side, revealing only a stylish small beard and mustache.

In the game’s storyline, Jasser is portrayed as a traveler who has explored many parts of the world. The story also describes him as a genius and scientist, adding an interesting layer to his character.

Exploration Skills

Jasser’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Jasser brings three exploration skills into battles, whether it’s in the exploration missions at the Lighthouse or in arena battles. These skills are named Triple Volley, Suppressive Fire, and Natural Precision.

Triple Volley: This is Jasser’s special attack. When activated, he fires three bullets, each dealing a higher damage than the last. The first bullet hits for Attack * 100% damage, the second one for Attack * 175% damage, and the third for Attack * 210% damage. The third bullet also does area of effect damage, hitting all enemies close to the initial target.

Suppressive Fire: With this skill, Jasser can deal damage equal to Attack * 140% to his target. Additionally, it slows down the target’s Attack Speed by 50% for 2 seconds.

Natural Precision: This skill gives Jasser a boost by increasing his Attack by 24%.

Expedition Skills

Marksman AttackMarksman Defense
Jasser’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

In rallies and marches, also called expedition battles, Jasser plays a major role by giving a +140.11% boost to both the attack and defense of marksman troops. Notably, this buff outshines Gina’s contribution, which stands at +110.08%.

Jasser also comes equipped with two expedition skills, namely Tactical Genius and Enlightened Warfare.

Tactical Genius: This skill enhances the potential of troops in a rally or march where Jasser is present. It increases the damage output of these troops by 25%.

Enlightened Warfare: Focused on promoting the city’s growth, this skill increases research speed. At its maximum level, it offers a 15% increase in research speed at the Research Center.


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