Gina falls into the epic category of heroes in Whiteout Survival. She’s in the marksman class and uses a crossbow to attack her enemies. Unlike other epic heroes you can get from the Hero Hall with advanced or epic recruitment, Gina is a bit different.

You can’t recruit her in the usual way. Instead, there’s a special event called “Gina’s Revenge” where you can gather Gina shards. Once you collect 10 of the these shards, you can unlock Gina and add her to your hero lineup.


Gina’s got light red hair, and she dresses up warmly to tackle the freezing temperatures of the Great Chill. She wears a woolen hoodie with a cape on her back, although she doesn’t have the hood on her head.

The standout part of her gear is a large crossbow, and it’s her main weapon in battles. In the game’s story, Gina is known to be really good with this crossbow. The body of the crossbow is made of wood, and its limbs are metallic.

Exploration Skills

Gina’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Gina comes equipped with three exploration skills: Incendiary Arrow, Windtalker, and Eagle Eyes. These skills play a big role in both exploration battles found in the “Exploration” tab and the arena battles.

Incendiary Arrow: This skill is Gina’s special attack. When activated, Gina takes aim at an enemy and fires an explosive arrow, causing damage equal to Attack * 290%. The impact doesn’t stop there – it also deals additional area-of-effect damage to nearby enemies, hitting them for Attack * 98%.

Windtalker: This skill increases Gina’s attack speed by 30%.

Eagle Eyes: This skill boosts Gina’s critical rate by 20% which allows her to do more attacks that bypass enemy’s Defense.

Expedition Skills

Marksman AttackMarksman Defense
Gina’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

In expedition battles involving rallies and marches on the world map, Gina brings a boost of +110.08% to both the Attack and Defense stats of Marksman troops. This makes her a useful hero for these types of battles.

Moreover, Gina’s expedition skills, Endurance Training and Quick Pace, play a key role in the city’s development, making her a recommended troop to have.

Endurance Training: This skill is a stamina saver. It reduces the stamina cost of rallies and marches by 20%. This skill only affects the rallies and marches where Gina is present and doesn’t have a universal impact on all your expeditions.

Quick Pace: Quick Pace is another important skill for city growth. It gives a major boost to the march speed of troops, doubling it with a 100% increase. Once again, this skill only applies to the marches or rallies where Gina is participating.


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