Sergey is one of the epic heroes in Whiteout Survival. He falls into the infantry class and combat subclass. You can unlock Sergey right from the beginning, and there are two ways to do it. Firstly, you can recruit him in the Hero Hall. Secondly, you can collect Sergey shards during intel missions, providing another way to unlock him.


Sergey’s look is quite simple. He wears a blue uniform and carries a big shield. This shield isn’t just for protection – Sergey uses it to defend himself, attack enemies, and perform special skills. He’s known as the “City Constable” in the game’s story, and you’ll often find him patrolling the city to maintain peace.

Sergey has a disciplined posture, standing tall with his left arm behind his back and his right arm holding the shield. He’s got a long dark brown mustache.

Exploration Skills

Sergey’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Sergey has three exploration skills: Shielded Strike, Joint Defense, and Shield Block. These skills come into play during exploration battles, including arena battles.

Shielded Strike: With this skill, Sergey delivers a powerful strike using his shield, pushing the target back while dealing damage in an area. The damage dealt is equal to Attack * 280%, and it affects multiple targets since it’s an area-of-effect ability.

Joint Defense: By using this skill, Sergey can boost the Defense of all friendly heroes by 15%.

Shield Block: This skill lessens the damage Sergey receives by 30%.

Expedition Skills

Infantry AttackInfantry Defense
Sergey’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

When it comes to expedition battles (which involve rallies and marches on the world map), Sergey provides a buff of +140.11% to both the attack and defense stats of Infantry type troops. Additionally, Sergey uses two expedition skills known as Defender’s Edge and Weaken.

Defender’s Edge: With this skill, Sergey reduces the damage your rallying troops take by 20%. This gives your troops more durability during these battles.

Weaken: On the offensive side, Sergey has the Weaken skill. When he uses it, he reduces the Attack of enemy troops by 20%.


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