Mia’s Fortune Hut

Mia’s Fortune Hut happens every month in Whiteout Survival. In this event, you get rare items like Essence Stones if your state hasn’t hit the Fire Crystal Age yet. If your state is already in the Fire Crystal Age, you can obtain Fire Crystals. Besides these special items, you also have the option to grab some speedups during the event.

How does Mia’s Fortune Hut Work?

When you step into Mia’s Fortune Hut for the first time, you get to pick an item for a round of fortune-telling. They show you a bunch of items, and you choose one. After that, they spin these magical orbs, and you’ve got to spot your chosen item from one of the 10 orbs.

Each orb has a different item, and to win, you need to pick the one with the item you chose. Opening any orb gets you some smaller rewards, but the big deal (your chosen item) is hiding in one of those 10 orbs.

It costs “Fortune Tokens” to open the orb. The first orb is cheap, just 1 Fortune Token. But the more orbs you open, the more tokens you have to spend.

  • First Orb – 1 Fortune Token
  • Second Orb – 2 Fortune Tokens
  • Third Orb – 3 Fortune Tokens
  • Fourth Orb – 4 Fortune Tokens
  • Fifth Orb – 5 Fortune Tokens
  • Sixth Orb – 8 Fortune Tokens
  • Seventh Orb – 12 Fortune Tokens
  • Eighth Orb – 15 Fortune Tokens
  • Ninth Orb – 20 Fortune Tokens
  • Tenth Orb – 25 Fortune Tokens

So, if you’re super lucky, you might find your chosen item in the first try or just a few tries, and you won’t have to spend a ton of Fortune Tokens. But if luck’s not on your side, you might end up opening many orbs and using more Fortune Tokens.

Once you find your chosen item, you can start another round of Mia’s Fortune Hut. You can keep going for as many rounds as you want, as long as you’ve got enough Fortune Tokens.

How to get Fortune Tokens?

The big deal in this event is the Fortune Tokens because you use them to open those orbs. You can earn Fortune Tokens by completing daily missions. If you complete all the daily missions, you’ll obtain a total of 22 Fortune Tokens. Plus, as a bonus, you get one freebie Fortune Token every day, making it 23 Fortune Tokens in total daily.

Now, if you’re feeling a bit impatient or just want more tokens, there’s an option to buy a pack of Fortune Tokens. These packs come with a bunch of Fortune Tokens, but it involves spending some real money. So, you’ve got options – earn them through missions or daily freebies, or go for the quick route with a purchased pack if you’re up for spending some cash.

If you end up with leftover Fortune Tokens when the event end – they don’t go to waste. Any unused Fortune Tokens you have will be safely stored in your backpack. You can use those tokens in the next Mia’s Fortune Hut event.

Milestone Rewards

In Mia’s Fortune Hut, reaching certain milestones by opening orbs can get you some extra rewards. There are four milestones to aim for, and each one comes with its own set of rewards:

  1. 20 Orbs opened: 5 Fortune Tokens.
  2. 100 Orbs opened: 12 Fortune Tokens.
  3. 250 Orbs opened: Hit this milestone and receive a Fire Crystal Chest.
  4. 750 Orbs opened: Achieve this milestone to obtain 100 Fire Crystals.


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