Jessie falls into the epic category of heroes (SR) in Whiteout Survival. Unlike some heroes you need to unlock later, Jessie is there from the beginning of the game. You can add her to your hero lineup in the initial days of playing.

To get Jessie, you’ll need to complete Trials that all new players experience. If you don’t get her there, you can also unlock Jessie from the hero hall by using Epic or Advanced Recruitment.

Jessie is part of the Lancer class and falls into the combat subclass. As a Lancer, she takes her position behind Infantry-type heroes during battles. Her combat subclass means that she’s geared more towards fighting rather than offering boosts to your city or aiding in its growth.


Jessie has a cozy look in a warm fur coat that extends all the way up, covering half of her face, stopping just at her nose. She tops it off with a helmet that shields her entire head, leaving no room for her ears to peek out.

Because of the fur and the helmet, only her eyes and nose are on display. Adding to her unique style, she has blue hair that flows behind her head, matching her striking blue eyes and eyebrows.

In her hands, she firmly grips a heavy machine gun, which happens to be her go-to primary weapon.

Exploration Skills

Jessie’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Jessie comes prepared with three exploration skills that she puts to use in both exploration and arena battles. These skills are Burst Fire, Defense Upgrade, and Weapon Upgrade.

Burst Fire:

  • Jessie uses her machine gun in a sweeping arc, dealing damage to several enemies.
  • The damage inflicted is equal to Jessie’s Attack * 75% every 0.5 seconds for a total of 2 seconds. This results in a grand total of four burst fire attacks.

Defense Upgrade:

  • This skill increases Jessie’s Defense by 70%, giving her added protection during battles.

Weapon Upgrade:

  • This skill increases Jessie’s Attack by a notable 24%, making her attacks more powerful.

Expedition Skills

Lancer AttackLancer Defense
Jessie’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

Jessie brings two expedition skills into play when leading marches and rallies. Moreover, she offers a big boost of +140.11% to both the Attack and Defense of Lancer-type troops during expedition battles.

Stand of Arms:

  • This skill elevates the damage output of all troops by an impressive 25% when Jessie is part of a rally or march.


  • Jessie uses this skill to reduce the damage taken by all troops in a rally or march by 20%.

Jessie’s expedition skills make her a go-to rally hero, especially in the early stages of the game. Many players choose her to lead their rallies because of her ability to greatly boost damage output and decrease the damage taken by rally troops.


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