Hector is a generation 5 Mythic Hero in Whiteout Survival. Hector is part of the Infantry class and his sub-class is combat. You can recruit Hector when your state reaches its fifth generation, which happens after being around for 280 days.

During generation 5, you can unlock Hector by going to the Hall of Heroes and Foundry Shop. However, once your state reaches generation 6, Hector won’t be available in the Foundry Shop anymore. Instead, you can find him in the Daily Deals section along with the Hall of Heroes.


Hector, being a gladiator, has a special look that matches his role. He’s equipped with steel fangs on both hands, designed for attacking enemies. These fangs have sharp ends. To complete his gladiator attire, Hector wears a helmet that covers his entire head and face, giving him a fierce and powerful appearance.

Exploration Skills

Hector’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Hector brings three exploration skills to the exploration battles. These skills are Sword Whirlwind, Desperado, and Adrenaline Surge.

Sword Whirlwind:

  • Hector uses this skill to launch a whirlwind of sword attacks on his enemies.
  • During this skill, his attack speed increases by 120%, and he becomes immune to stun and freezes.
  • This powerful skill lasts for 4 seconds.


  • Desperado kicks in when Hector’s health drops below 50%.
  • When he’s in this critical condition, the damage he takes is reduced by 60%.

Adrenaline Surge:

  • Adrenaline Surge also activates when Hector’s health falls below 50%.
  • In this state, he gains an additional +48% Attack power, boosting his offensive abilities.

Expedition Skills

Infantry AttackInfantry Defense
Hector’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

When Hector joins a rally or solo march during an expedition, he provides a big boost to all Infantry units in that group, increasing their attack and defense by +444.35%.

Additionally, Hector has three expedition skills that he uses during expedition battles: Survival Instincts, Rampant, and Blitz.

Survival Instincts:

  • This skill provides all troops with a 40% chance to reduce the damage they take by 50%. It’s a handy skill to increase the survival chances of the troops.


  • Rampant increases the damage output of Infantry and Marksman troops in a rally where Hector is present.
  • Infantry’s damage dealt gets a 200% boost, and Marksman’s damage dealt increases by 50%.
  • However, this effect gradually decreases by 80% after each attack and completely disappears after the 5th attack.


  • Blitz gives Hector a 25% chance to deal double damage (200%) when he launches an attack, adding a powerful punch to his offensive abilities during expeditions.

Special Skills

AttackDefenseHealthInfantry LethalityInfantry Health
Special Statistics provided by “Steel Fangs” exclusive gear.

When you unlock Hector’s exclusive gear, the “Steel Fangs,” you gain access to two special skills: Reaper’s Embrace and Goliath. These skills come into play in different scenarios.

Reaper’s Embrace:

  • This skill enhances Hector’s “Sword Whirlwind” exploration skill, extending its effect by an additional 1.5 seconds.
  • Moreover, Reaper’s Embrace has a unique ability to restore Hector’s health. He regains health equal to 15% of the damage he deals to enemies during exploration battles.


  • Goliath is activated during garrison situations. When Hector is part of a garrison, he boosts the Attack of Defender Troops by 15%. This skill increases the defensive abilities of the troops under Hector’s command.


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