Alonso is a second-generation Mythic Hero, alongside two other heroes, Philly and Flint. You can start unlocking these heroes when your state has been around for 40 days.

Alonso falls into the marksman category, meaning he’s a hero who attacks from a distance, standing his ground and dealing damage with ranged attacks. His sub-class is combat which makes him specifically focused on battles.

In the second generation of your state, you can unlock Alonso through the Hall of Heroes and Foundry Shop. However, as your state progresses to higher generations, like generation three, Alonso will no longer be available in the Foundry Shop. Instead, you can unlock him through Daily Deals and Hall of Heroes custom chests.


Alonso is a fisherman, and his unique tool is a special kind of hook that works like a gun with a trigger. This fishing gun, named Captain Ahab, shoots the hook at a short range.

What makes it special is its reeling mechanism – Alonso uses it to pull the hook back into the gun and also reel in the fish he catches. Not just for fishing, Captain Ahab works as a weapon, helping Alonso deal damage to his enemies.

Alonso stores the fishes he catches in a net-like bag that he carries on his right shoulder. In the first generation, when Alonso is not available for unlocking, you can still spot him in action during the Fishing Tournament. Here, he takes part in the special “Frosty Prospector” mode.

Adding a touch of style, Alonso wears a band on his forehead with a fish printed on it. All of his facial hair, including the hair on his head, is white, indicating his older age.

Exploration Skills

Alonso’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Alonso comes equipped with three exploration skills that he uses in both exploration and arena battles. These skills are named Trapnet, Tidal Force, and Harpoon Blast.


  • Alonso uses this skill to throw a net on his enemies, causing damage in an area of effect. The damage is calculated as Attack * 280%. Additionally, the net stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds.

Tidal Force:

  • With the Tidal Force skill, Alonso deals area of effect damage equivalent to Attack * 70%.

Harpoon Blast:

  • Alonso uses the Harpoon Blast skill to stun enemies for 0.5 seconds after every 5 strikes.

Expedition Skills

Marksman AttackMarksman Defense
Alonso’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

Alonso has three expedition skills that come into play during rallies and marches on the world map. These skills are known as Onslaught, Iron Strength, and Poison Harpoon.


  • Alonso activates this skill, providing all troops with a 20% chance to stun their target for 1 turn. It adds a tactical element to the battle by introducing the possibility of disabling the enemy temporarily.

Iron Strength:

  • Using the Iron Strength skill, Alonso gives all troops a 20% chance to reduce the damage dealt by enemy troops by 50% for 2 turns.

Poison Harpoon:

  • With the Poison Harpoon skill, Alonso gives all troops a 50% chance of dealing 50% more damage.

Special Skills

AttackDefenseHealthMarksman LethalityMarksman Health
Alonso’s Special Statistics given by Captain Ahab exclusive gear.

Unlocking Alonso’s exclusive gear, Captain Ahab, gives access to two special skills that add extra flair to his abilities. These skills are known as Ocean’s Bounty and Harpoon Enhancement.

Ocean’s Bounty:

  • This skill comes into play during exploration battles. When activated, Alonso heals the weakest hero in terms of health (during the battle) by 15% with each basic attack he lands on enemies.

Harpoon Enhancement:

  • Harpoon Enhancement is applicable during expedition battles. When activated, Alonso boosts the lethality of rallying troops by 15%.


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