In Whiteout Survival, Logan is one of the third-generation heroes, alongside Greg and Mia. Logan falls under the Infantry class, while Mia is a Lancer, and Greg is a Marksman among the third-generation heroes. Logan’s subclass is combat, making him a battle-focused hero.

if your state is in its third generation, you can unlock Logan through the Hall of Heroes and Foundry Shop. However, as your state advances to higher generations, like the fourth generation, you also have the option to obtain Logan through Daily Deals.


Logan is a cyborg, and the left side of his body is made of strong mechanical parts. His entire left arm is a powerful mechanical limb that he uses to attack enemies. Logan’s special ability involves smashing the ground with this mechanical arm, which slows down the attack speed of his enemies.

He wears a metallic armor over his chest that connects to his mechanical arm. On the other side, his right arm is normal. Taking a guess from his appearance, Logan seems to be in his 60s. He has long white hair, along with a lengthy mustache and beard.

Exploration Skills

Logan’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Logan has three exploration skills that come into play during exploration and arena battles. These skills are known as Fists of Destruction, Power Suit, and Blustery Strike.

Fists of Destruction:

  • Logan smashes his Fist of Steel onto the ground, dealing damage equal to Attack * 168% to the target. Additionally, it reduces the target’s attack speed by 50% for 4 seconds.

Power Suit:

  • Logan has a 16% chance of boosting his Defense by 20% when attacked for 2 seconds. This skill can stack up to 5 times.

Blustery Strike:

  • Logan deals damage equal to Attack * 112% to enemies in a cone-shaped area. There’s also a 30% chance that this skill will stun those enemies for 1 second.

Expedition Skills

Infantry AttackInfantry Defense
Logan’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

Logan uses three powerful expedition skills in rallies and marches on the world map. These skills are called Lion Strike, Lion Intimidation, and Leader Inspiration.

Lion Strike:

  • Effect: Provides all troops with a 20% chance to deal an extra 40% damage per turn for a duration of 3 turns.

Lion Intimidation:

  • Effect: Reduces the damage taken by all troops by 20%.

Leader Inspiration:

  • Effect: Increases the health of all troops by 25% which boosts their overall durability.

These expedition skills greatly improve Logan’s troops, making them better during rallies and attacks on enemies or creatures.

Special Skills

AttackDefenseHealthInfantry LethalityInfantry Health
Special Statistics provided by a max level Fists of Steel.

Once you unlock Logan’s exclusive gear, Fists of Steel, he gains access to two additional special skills. The first skill, “Enhanced Fists of Steel,” becomes active immediately upon unlocking the exclusive gear. The second skill, “Strong Protection,” becomes available when you upgrade his exclusive gear to level 2.

Enhanced Fists of Steel:

  • Activation: Unlocked with Fists of Steel gear.
  • Effect: Improves and strengthens Fists of Steel, boosting their damage by an additional 30%.

Strong Protection:

  • Activation: Unlocked at level 2 of the exclusive gear.
  • Effect: This skill is applicable during garrison situations, increasing the defense of garrison troops by 15%.



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