Mia is a powerful hero in Whiteout Survival, belonging to the third generation of Mythic Heroes. You can start unlocking generation 3 heroes once your state has been around for 120 days.

Mia falls into the Lancer class, positioned behind Infantries and in front of Marksman heroes. She’s great at attacking from a distance. Mia is part of the combat subclass, meaning she’s designed for battles.

You can unlock Mia through Lucky Wheel in generation 3. As your state progresses to the fourth generation, you can obtain Mia through Daily Deals and the Hall of Heroes.


Mia is a fortune teller, and her appearance truly reflects her role. She wears a distinctive pink outfit, complemented by long black hair and a matching pink headband. In her right hand, she carries a classic crystal ball, adding an authentic touch to her fortune-telling persona.

When it comes to combat, Mia’s primary weapon is a deck of cards, which she skillfully uses for ranged attacks. Additionally, Mia hosts a special monthly event called “Mia’s Fortune Hut,” offering players the chance to earn a variety of items.

Exploration Skills

Mia’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Mia brings three powerful exploration skills to the table, giving you an edge in both exploration and arena battles. These three skills are Fate’s Finale, Bad Omen, and Guardian of Destiny.

Fate’s Finale:

  • Mia throws cards at her enemies, dealing damage equal to Attack * 378%.
  • This attack has an added effect: it can stun the target for 1.5 seconds or decrease the target’s attack by 20%.

Bad Omen:

  • Mia deals a variable damage attack based on 70% of her Attack’s base value.
  • The damage fluctuates, ranging from 5% to 600% of her Attack’s base value.

Guardian of Destiny:

  • Mia plays the healer role with this skill, restoring the health of the hero with the lowest health.
  • The restoration amount is equal to Mia’s Attack * 140%, varying between 5% and 400% of her Attack’s base value.

Expedition Skills

Lancer AttackLancer Defense
Mia’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

Mia has three supporting expedition skills tailored for battles on the world map, including rallies and solo marches. These three skills are Bad Luck Streak, Lucky Charm, and Ritual Deciphering.

Bad Luck Streak:

  • When this skill is activated, there’s a 50% chance that all troops in the rally will cast a curse on enemy troops.
  • This curse increases the damage taken by 50% for all enemy troops.

Lucky Charm:

  • Mia’s Lucky Charm skill gives a 50% chance for all troops in her rally to deal 50% more damage.

Ritual Deciphering:

  • This skill gives troops in a rally a 40% chance to reduce the damage taken by 50% for all troops.

Special Skills

AttackDefenseHealthLancer LethalityLancer Health
Mia’s Special Statistics given by a max level Fate Crystal.

When you unlock Mia’s exclusive gear, the Fate Crystal, she gains two special skills at different levels. The first skill, Vision of Truth, unlocks at Fate Crystal level 1, while the second, Rally of Fate, becomes available at Fate Crystal level 2. Let’s take a closer look at each:

Vision of Truth:

  • This skill improves Mia’s two exploration skills, Bad Omen and Guardian of Destiny, by increasing both their upper and lower limits by 150%.
  • Applied specifically during exploration battles.

Rally of Fate:

  • Activated during expedition battles, Rally of Fate boosts the Attack of troops in a rally by 15%.
  • This skill increases the offensive potential of troops that are rallying with Mia.


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