Working Overtime Event

Working Overtime is a special event in Whiteout Survival where you can earn points by completing tasks and get rewards. To obtain points during this event, you need to use construction or research speedups. The event lasts for two days, giving you enough time to collect all the rewards.

How to Earn Points during Working Overtime?

In the Working Overtime event, there are only two tasks to earn points. Here they are:

  1. Use 1 minute of Speedups for Construction – 1 Point
  2. Use 1 minute of Speedups for Research – 1 Point

You’ll get 1 point for every minute of speedup you use on building construction or upgrades. Similarly, using 1 minute of speedup on research at the Research Center also earns you 1 point. You can use general speedups too, but they must be for either construction or research.

To get ready for the event, start saving your construction and research speedups as soon as the event appears on the events calendar. The event usually pops up four days before it starts, giving you plenty of time to gather the needed speedups. Once you’ve collected enough, you can finish this event in just a few minutes.


In the Working Overtime event, there are four levels of rewards, and they improve as you go up the tiers. You can claim the first tier rewards after earning 10 points, and the highest tier rewards become available when you reach 1180 points.

To unlock all rewards, you’ll need to use speedups equivalent to 1180 minutes of construction, research, or a mix of both.

The final reward tier includes 2600 gems, along with 5 Mythic Exploration Manuals and 5 Mythic Expedition Manuals. That’s the big prize waiting for you at the highest level.

Honor Ranking

In addition to the usual rewards you earn by reaching point milestones, you have the chance to compete on the Honor Ranking leaderboard for even greater rewards. These leaderboard rewards come in the form of a large amount of gems and speedups.

To get these rewards, aim to be among the top 100 players in terms of points.

This leaderboard includes all players in a state and tallies up their earned points. The top 100 players with the most points during the event receive rewards based on their rankings. Essentially, the higher your ranking, the better the rewards you can score from this leaderboard.



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