Greg is a powerful hero in Whiteout Survival, falling into the third generation of Mythic Heroes. You can unlock him once your state has been around for 120 days. Greg is part of the Marksman class, which means he’s a ranged hero who fights from a distance, standing behind Infantry and Lancers in battles.

His combat subclass means that he’s more focused on fighting rather than boosting your city or helping with gathering resources.

You can unlock Greg through various events like Hall of Heroes, King of Icefield, State of Power, and Hero’s Mission. Additionally, you have the option to purchase him directly from the in-game Daily Deals section.


Greg has a distinctive appearance, giving off an intellectual vibe. He wears a monocle on his right eye and holds a book in his left hand, giving him a kind of 18th-century look. The book in his hand appears to be related to law, judging by the names of his skills like “Sword of Justice” and “Deterrence of Law”.

Greg has yellow hair, wears a blue coat, and overall looks well-groomed. You might notice him occasionally fixing his coat, adding to his polished and put-together appearance.

Exploration Skills

Greg’s Max Level Exploration Stats

In battles, Greg relies on three exploration skills: Righteous Wind, Poetic Justice, and Fair Judgment.

Righteous Wind: With this skill, Greg drops a cage on his enemies from the sky, causing an area of effect damage equal to Attack * 224% and stunning them for 2 seconds.

Poetic Justice: Greg has the power to either punish or commend his enemies. Punishing deals damage of Attack * 300%, while commendation can actually benefit the enemy by restoring their health. The health restored is equal to Greg’s Attack * 50% for the target.

Fair Judgment: This skill increases the damage enemies take by 30% for a duration of 3 seconds.

Expedition Skills

Marksman AttackMarksman Defense
Greg’s Max Level Expedition Stats

During battles on the world map, including rallies and solo marching, Greg uses three expedition skills: Sword of Justice, Deterrence of Law, and Law and Order.

Sword of Justice: This skill gives a 20% chance for all troops in a rally with Greg to boost their damage dealt by 40% for a duration of 3 turns.

Deterrence of Law: With this skill, there’s a 20% chance for all troops in a rally with Greg to reduce the damage dealt by enemy troops by 50% for 2 turns.

Law and Order: This skill focuses on increasing the health of all troops in a rally with Greg, giving them a 25% increase in health.

Special Skills

AttackDefenseHealthMarksman LethalityMarksman Health
Greg’s Max Level Special Stats given by State Edict

When you unlock Greg’s exclusive gear, State Edict, he gains access to two special skills: Courtroom Order and Trumpet of Justice.

Courtroom Order: With this skill, Greg can prevent his target from using their special skills for 5 seconds, dealing damage equal to Attack * 300% in the process.

Trumpet of Justice: This skill is all about boosting the health of rally troops. It increases their health by 15%.


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