How to get Mythic Hero Gear

In Whiteout Survival, Mythic Hero Gears are better than the usual hero gears, and getting them is pretty tough. There are five main ways to get Mythic Hero Gear:

  1. Mythic Hero Gear Chest from the Arena Shop
  2. Frosty Fortune Event
  3. Exploration Battles at Stage 300 and Higher
  4. Lucky Hero Gear Chest from Events and Deals
  5. Top Up Rewards

Let’s look into the details of how you can use these five methods to get your hands on Mythic Hero Gear.

Mythic Hero Gear Chest

The top way to grab Mythic Hero Gear is by finishing all five of your daily arena battles. Every day, you can engage in five arena battles, and win or lose, you’ll earn at least 60 Arena Tokens for each battle.

So, from these five battles, you can collect a minimum of 300 Arena Tokens, and if you do well, you might even get more.

These Arena Tokens can be used to buy the Custom Mythic Hero Gear Chest from the Arena Shop. This chest costs 12,000 Arena Tokens. If you manage to complete all five arena battles every day and gather at least 300 points daily, you can get a Mythic Hero Gear Chest approximately every 40 days.

Frosty Fortune Event

You have the chance to buy two “Custom Mythic Hero Gear Chests” during the Frosty Fortune event. This event happens once a month, so you’ll need to wait for a month to take part in it. In the Frosty Fortune event, you can earn Thorn of Enigma, and this Thorn can be used to buy various rare items, including the Mythic Hero Gear Chest.

Each Mythic Hero Gear Chest is priced at 300 Thorn of Enigma, and you can gather these by participating and dedicating your time to the event.

Exploration Battles

Getting Mythic Hero Gear Chests from Exploration Battles is possible, but it’s a challenging method. The first time you earn a Mythic Hero Gear Chest is after completing your 300th exploration battle.

After that, you receive one Mythic Hero Gear Chest for every 100 successful exploration battles. For example, you can earn one at the 400th battle, another at the 500th battle, and so on. However, remember that tackling these higher-level exploration battles requires a considerable amount of power.

It’s a tougher path to obtain these chests, but the rewards can be worthwhile.

Lucky Hero Gear Chests

Another way to get Mythic Hero Gear is through Lucky Hero Gear Chests. These chests hold a 1% chance of giving you a Mythic Hero Gear when you open them. You can obtain Lucky Hero Gear Chests during major events like the Fishing Tournament or special occasions such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.

Additionally, you have the option to buy a bunch of Lucky Hero Gear Chests from the in-game shop and deals section. While the odds of getting Mythic Hero Gear from these chests are low, it’s still worth giving it a try for the potential rewards.

Top Up Rewards

Every few weeks, you’ll find top-up rewards in the in-game deals section, and this is another option for getting Mythic Hero Gear if you’re okay with spending money in the game. When you top up a specific amount of gems, you can receive a complete set of four Mythic Hero Gears.

It’s not the most suitable method for players who don’t spend money (free-to-play), but it can be highly beneficial for those who invest in the game.

Even if the top-up rewards aren’t currently available, you still earn top-up tokens when you make a purchase that includes gems. These tokens can be used when the top-up rewards or top-up events become available.

Remember that gems obtained through the Growth Fund don’t count towards top-up rewards.


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