Flint is a Mythic Hero in Whiteout Survival. You can add him to your hero lineup when your state reaches generation 2. Flint is all about fighting and causing damage because he belongs to the Infantry class and the Combat sub-class.

You can unlock Flint through Daily Deals, Lucky Wheel, and Hall of Heroes.


Flint is a pyro with a flamethrower called Dragonbane. He uses this flamethrower as his primary attack weapon. To keep himself safe from the heat, he wears tough protective gear all over his body, including a metal hat on his head and a cloth covering his face.

Wearing large leather gloves on both hands, he carries a fuel tank on his left side by the hip and holds the flamethrower with his right hand. Flint has a deep voice and a flame-themed way of speaking, adding a pyro vibe to his character.

Exploration Skills

Flint’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Flint is equipped with three special exploration skills, just like other Mythic Heroes in the game. These skills come in handy during arena and exploration battles.

Fires of Vengeance:

  • This skill deals damage equal to Attack * 84% every half second to Flint’s target.
  • On top of that, it makes the target take 30% more damage for 2 seconds.


  • Flint’s second skill is a health booster. It allows him to regain 40% of his maximum health. He can use this skill only once in a battle.

Heat Diffusion:

  • This skill increases the attack speed of all friendly heroes in the battle by 7%.

Expedition Skills

Infantry AttackInfantry Defense
Flint’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

Flint brings three powerful expedition skills into battles on the world map. Let’s break them down:


  • With this skill, all troops in a rally have a 20% chance to set enemies on fire. This burning effect deals 40% damage per turn for 3 turns.

Burning Resolve:

  • This skill is all about boosting attack power. It increases the attack of all troops by a solid 25%.


  • Flint’s third skill gives troops a 50% chance to make the enemy take 50% more damage.

Special Skills

AttackDefenseHealthInfantry LethalityInfantry Health
Max Level Special Statistics when Dragonbane is unlocked.

Flint gets even more powerful with his exclusive gear, Dragonbane, unlocking two special skills: Vengeful Task and Dragonbreath.

Vengeful Task:

  • When Flint uses his second exploration skill, “Incinerator,” Vengeful Task kicks in. This special skill boosts Flint’s Attack by 24% until the battle concludes.


  • Dragonbreath comes into play during Garrison situations. This skill increases the attack of defender troops by 15%.


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