President and Appointments

After the first Castle Battle in your state, the alliance that wins and holds the Sunfire Castle at the end of the battle phase gets to pick the president for the whole state. The leader of the winning alliance can either become the president or choose one of their members for the role.

Being the president comes with significant perks in Whiteout Survival. In this article, we’ll look into the specifics of being a president and the ministers they can appoint.

President Perks

The state president enjoys several perks that provide a big boost in terms of attacking or upgrading their state. Here are the troop-related benefits a president receives:

  • +5.00% Position-based Troops’ Attack
  • +5.00% Position-based Troops’ Defense
  • +5.00% Position-based Troops’ Lethality
  • +5.00% Position-based Troops’ Health

The “position-based” aspect means these perks last as long as the president remains in office. Additionally, the president receives a “president pack” containing a large amount of gems, specifically 20,000, and various other items.

Moreover, the president is given special skins for both their city and marches. They receive the Pyrois skin for their city and the Phlegon skin for their marches. These exclusive features contribute to making the presidency a rewarding position in the state.

President Skills

The president of the state gains authority when players in the state complete Daily Missions or send their troops to gather resources. This authority can be used to activate state-wide perks or exchanged for gems. These perks benefit all players in the state. Here are the president’s skills:

  1. Receive Tribute: The president can exchange 27,000 Authority for gems, with three exchanges allowed daily. The gem amounts increase each time, totaling 1,200 gems every day (300, 400, and 500 gems).
  2. Medical Advancement: Boosts healing speed by +50.00% for all players in the state for the next 24 hours.
  3. Mercantilism: Increases construction speed by +10.00% for all players in the state for the next 24 hours.
  4. Research Advancement: Enhances research speed by +10.00% for all players in the state for the next 24 hours.
  5. Mobilize: Accelerates training speed by +30.00% for all players in the state for the next 24 hours.
  6. Ceasefire: Temporarily prevents a player from attacking others for 1 hour.
  7. Forced Exile: Teleports a player’s city to a random location on the world map and activates a 10-hour shield for them.
  8. State Search: Instantly locates the city of any player in the state.

These skills give the president the ability to make impactful decisions that influence the entire state and its players.


The president also has the authority to give chests containing various items to chosen players. There are three types of grants: General’s Commendation, Officer’s Commendation, and Soldier’s Commendation. Here’s what each type includes:

General’s Commendation:

  • 5000 gems
  • 10 units for 100 Enhancement XP
  • 20,000 Hero XP
  • 18 units of 1-hour speedups
  • Resources

Officer’s Commendation:

  • 1000 gems
  • 7 units for 100 Enhancement XP
  • 10,000 Hero XP
  • 30 units of 5-minute speedups
  • Resources

Soldier’s Commendation:

  • 500 gems
  • 5 units for 100 Enhancement XP
  • 5000 Hero XP
  • Resources

Each president receives 1 General’s Commendation, 5 Officer’s Commendation, and 15 Soldier’s Commendation. These grants can be a way for the president to reward and support players within the state.


The president holds the authority to appoint ministers in the state, and these ministers receive specific perks that provide a substantial boost to upgrading their cities. Additionally, the president can appoint offenders to penalize players they find problematic.

Appointed offenders experience debuffs, impacting aspects such as construction speed, research speed, training speed, resource production speed, or a decrease in troop stats.

The nature of the debuffs depends on the type of offender appointment. This power allows the president to shape the state’s dynamics and address issues they may have with certain players.


Vice President:

  • +10.00% Construction Speed
  • +10.00% Research Speed
  • +10.00% Training Speed

Minister of the Interior:

  • +80.00% resource production speed

Minister of Health:

  • +100.00% Healing Speed
  • +5,000 Infirmary Capacity

Minister of Defense:

  • +10.00% Troop Lethality

Minister of Strategy:

  • +5.00% Troop Attack
  • +2,500 Troop Deployment Capacity

Minister of Education:

  • +50.00% Training Speed
  • +200 Training Capacity


The Greedy:

  • -10.00% Construction Speed
  • -10.00% Research Speed
  • -10.00% Training Speed

The Sloth:

  • -40.00% resource production speed

The Lustful:

  • -50.00% Healing Speed
  • -2,500 Infirmary Capacity

The Rebel:

  • -5.00% Troop Lethality

The Coward:

  • -2.00% Troop Attack
  • -1,500 Troop Deployment Capacity

The Mindless:

  • -25.00% Training Speed
  • -100 Training Capacity


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