How to Reduce Construction Time

As you progress to higher Furnace levels in Whiteout Survival, the time it takes to construct buildings gets longer, sometimes even a couple of weeks. But don’t worry, there are ways to cut down this time by almost half. Here are some effective methods to speed up construction or upgrades in Whiteout Survival:

  • “Double Time” Chief Order
  • Hyena’sBuilder’s Aide” Skill
  • “Tooling Up” in Research Center
  • Unlock Zinman
  • Join an Alliance
  • Speedups

Let’s take a closer look at each of these options and understand how they can help you reduce the time it takes to upgrade buildings in your city.

“Double Time” Chief Order

A lot of players tend to miss out on the importance of the “Double Time” Chief Order found in the Chief’s House. This Chief Order can be activated once a day with a 24-hour cooldown. When you use it, it cuts down the time it takes to build or upgrade structures by 20% for a brief 5-minute period.

If you start upgrade during this 5-minute window, the time needed for that upgrade gets slashed by 20%. Imagine you had a 10-day upgrade – with “Double Time,” it drops down to 8 days. That’s a big reduction.

So, make sure not to underestimate the power of “Double Time” and remember to trigger it before starting any upgrades. It can make a big difference in how quickly your city progresses.

Hyena’s “Builder’s Aide” Skill

Pets were introduced to the game in November 2023, and each furry friend brings a special skill to the table. You get access to pets when your Furnace level hits 18 and your state reaches the age of 60 days. The first pet you unlock is the Hyena, and it has a top-notch skill that can slash upgrade times by a solid 15% at its maximum level.

Just like the “Double Time” Chief Order, Hyena’s skill, called “Builder’s Aide,” has a 24-hour cooldown. When you activate it, any upgrades you start in the next 5 minutes get a 15% reduction in upgrade time (the reduction is less at lower Hyena levels).

Hyena’s skill stacks with the “Double Time” Chief Order. So, if you use them together, you get a massive 35% reduction in the total upgrade time (20% from Double Time and 15% from Builder’s Aide).

Always remember to activate Hyena’s skill before starting an upgrade for that extra boost in speeding things up.

“Tooling Up” in Research Center

In the Research Center, under the Growth section, there’s a research option called “Tooling Up.” This research is a extremely necessary when it comes to speeding up your construction projects. When you max it out, it delivers a massive 27.80% reduction in the time it takes to upgrade your buildings.

The advice here is simple but powerful: always prioritize working on the “Tooling Up” research whenever you can. It’s like having a construction fast-forward button, making your upgrades happen much quicker. So, keep an eye on that research and make it a priority for a big cut in your construction time.

Unlock Zinman

Zinman is a seriously powerful Mythic Hero, and getting your hands on him can be useful. You can find all the details on how to unlock him in our “List of Heroes and How to Unlock Them” guide.

Once Zinman is on your team, you gain access to his “Construction Emergency” skill. When you max out this skill at level 5, it can turbocharge your city upgrades by 15%. If you’re a newbie or an old player who hasn’t added Zinman to your lineup yet, you’re missing out on a big reduction in construction time.

So, my advice is clear – make unlocking Zinman a priority. Having him on your side means you can speed up those upgrades and level up your city at a faster pace.

Join an Alliance

Beyond the individual research you conduct in the Research Center, Alliances have their own set of research known as Alliance Tech Research. One particular research you should pay attention to is “Adaptive Tools.” When your Alliance successfully completes this research, it results in a handy 5% increase in construction speed of all members.

To get this bonus, the key is to join an active Alliance. Look for an Alliance that actively works on Alliance Tech Research. By being part of an active alliance, you can enjoy the perks of increased construction speed.

Use Speedups

Speedups are your handy tool to instantly cut down the time it takes to complete different tasks in your city, such as research, upgrades, and troop training. Luckily, Whiteout Survival is quite generous in providing speedups through different methods like shops, events, daily missions, and intel missions.

To make the most of this advantage, always complete your daily missions and participate in events. These activities are goldmines for collecting speedups. By consistently doing your daily tasks and engaging in events, you can collect a large number of speedups.

It’s a simple strategy with a big impact on construction time of your upgrades in Whiteout Survival.


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