Best Ways to Spend Gems

If you’re curious about the best ways to use the gems you earn during gameplay, you’re not alone. Gems are super important in Whiteout Survival, and luckily, the game is pretty generous in handing them out. Here are the top ways to use your gems:

  1. VIP XP and VIP Activation
  2. Lucky Wheel
  3. Hall of Heroes
  4. Extra Construction Queue

Let’s break down each of these options and find out why they’re the best choices for investing your gems in Whiteout Survival.

VIP XP and VIP Activation

When you activate VIP in the game, you unlock a lot of perks. The more you level up your VIP, the better these perks become. To boost your VIP level, you need VIP XP. While you do get a bit of VIP XP for free, it’s not enough to reach the highest VIP levels in just a few months.

If you rely solely on the free VIP XP, it could take you years to reach those top VIP levels.

You can speed up this process by using gems to buy VIP XP. In fact, many expert Whiteout Survival players agree that spending gems on VIP XP and activating VIP is one of the smartest ways to use your gems. It helps you climb the VIP ladder quickly, and that means more awesome benefits for you in the game.

While using gems on VIP XP and activating VIP is a top recommendation, you should also set aside some gems for other important stuff, like unlocking heroes from the Lucky Wheel or the Hall of Heroes.

A good rule of thumb is to allocate about one-third of your gems for VIP XP and activating VIP. This way, you’re not putting all your gems in one basket. You’ll have enough left to unlock those heroes you want.

Lucky Wheel

The Lucky Wheel is the second-best place to use your gems in Whiteout Survival. It’s your ticket to unlocking and upgrading special Mythic Heroes that you can only get through the Lucky Wheel.

Each generation of heroes has its unique hero that is exclusively available through the Lucky. But spinning the Lucky Wheel costs gems.

To make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to upgrade and unlock powerful heroes like Zinman, Flint, Mia, Lynn, Hector, and Renee, it’s wise to set aside a decent amount of gems specifically for the Lucky Wheel every month. This way, you’ll always be ready to roll and improve your lineup with your favorite heroes.

Hall of Heroes

Similar to the Lucky Wheel, some heroes are exclusively available through the Hall of Heroes event. In this event, you use gems to buy Marks of Valor, which are then used to unlock Mythic Heroes. The Hall of Heroes also offers Custom Widget Chests and Custom Mythic Hero Shard Chests.

Investing in Custom Widget Chests lets you unlock powerful exclusive gear for your Mythic Heroes. On the other hand, Custom Mythic Hero Shard Chests allow you to unlock any Mythic hero from the previous generation of heroes.

So, dedicating your gems to the Hall of Heroes is a smart move, giving you the opportunity to unlock powerful heroes, exclusive gear, and more value from your gems.

Extra Construction Queue

For players who prefer not to spend real money and are going the free-to-play route, there’s a handy option in the game. You can use 1000 gems to unlock an extra construction queue for a two-day period. This means you can start an additional upgrade or construction in your city with those gems.

Spending gems on this extra construction queue is a solid choice. It enables you to speed up the upgrading process for your city, helping you progress to higher levels more efficiently. It best way to use of gems for players who want to quickly upgrade their city without dipping into their wallets.


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