VIP is a feature in Whiteout Survival that lets you enjoy extra benefits by using gems. There are a total of 12 VIP levels in the game, and each level comes with more exciting daily rewards and advantages compared to the previous one.

When you activate VIP, you’ll also have the option to buy a special VIP package. This package includes Mythic Hero Shards, gems, speed-up items, hero XP, and Alliance Gifts.

How to activate VIP?

To start using VIP benefits, just follow these simple steps. First, tap the VIP button at the top of your screen, which is located just to the left of the city temperature bar.

When you press this button, a new tab will open up. In this tab, you’ll find an “Unlock” button at the bottom of the screen. Click on the unlock button, and you’ll be taken to the next screen.

Here, you’ll see a new tab where you can choose how long you’d like to have VIP access. There are three options available: 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days, and they cost 1,000 gems, 3,000 gems, and 10,000 gems, respectively. Simply pick the duration that suits your needs and activate your VIP membership.

If you’d rather not spend your gems, there’s another option. You can purchase the “Ultra Value Monthly Card” for just $5, which gives you a full month of VIP privileges. It’s a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits without using your precious gems.

How do you increase VIP levels?

In order to advance through the 12 VIP levels, you’ll need a specific amount of VIP XP. Each level demands more VIP XP than the one before it. When you first begin playing the game, you’ll begin at VIP level 1.

You can earn VIP XP through different methods:

  1. Every day, you’ll receive a small amount of VIP XP just for logging in.
  2. You have the option to obtain VIP XP by spending gems.
  3. In the Alliance Shop, you can also obtain VIP XP by using Alliance Tokens.
  4. Purchasing packs in the game is another way to obtain VIP XP.

The amount of daily VIP XP you receive when logging in depends on the number of consecutive days you’ve logged in.

In the image above, it shows that I received 220 VIP XP because I missed logging in three days ago, causing my login streak to reset. As you maintain and extend your login streak, you’ll earn more VIP XP. The maximum daily VIP XP you can obtain from your everyday logins is 500 VIP XP.

To claim this daily XP, simply open the chest in the VIP tab.

VIP Benefits

When you activate VIP, you gain access to certain benefits. These benefits are determined by your VIP level, with the most valuable ones being available at higher VIP levels.

The first benefit you receive is the daily rewards collection. As a VIP, you can collect complimentary hero shards and skill manuals every day by visiting the VIP tab. The quality of these shards and manuals depends on your VIP level, and you’ll start receiving mythic hero shards and skill manuals when you reach VIP level 8.

The second big benefit of VIP is the buffs it provides. These buffs become even better as you reach higher VIP levels. They include advantages such as extra troop formation, additional march queues, speed boosts for resource production and construction, stat enhancements for your troops, and a wealth of other high-quality rewards.

How long would it take to reach VIP level 12?

For players who prefer the free-to-play approach, reaching VIP level 12 can be quite a lengthy journey. It requires a total of 2.4 million VIP XP to progress through all VIP levels. Relying solely on the daily 500 VIP XP you receive for logging in, it could take up to a decade to reach VIP level 12.

However, there are ways to accelerate your progress. One method is to use your Alliance Tokens to purchase VIP XP from the Alliance Shop each day. This will give you an extra source of VIP XP.

To further speed up the process, it’s recommended to save your gems specifically for obtaining VIP XP. You can purchase large amounts of VIP XP with the gems you earn from events.

Fortunately, Whiteout Survival is quite generous with its gem rewards, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn them regularly. By making smart choices and managing your gems wisely, you can make your journey to VIP level 12 more achievable in a shorter time frame.

Is VIP worth it?

Is VIP worth it? The answer is straightforward: yes, it is absolutely worth it. The benefits and daily rewards offered by VIP are exceptional and surpass what you can obtain from other in-game features. In fact, investing in VIP XP is one of the most effective uses of your gems, with the Lucky Wheel coming in as the next best option.

The additional march queue and troop formation alone make the gems spent on VIP worthwhile. So, it’s recommended to consistently save your gems for gathering VIP XP and aim to obtain as much VIP XP as you can. This strategy will allow you to quickly progress through VIP levels and enjoy the big advantages that come with them.


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