In October 2023, Whiteout Survival introduced a new feature by bringing pets into the game. Right now, there are 11 different pets for you to discover and unlock.

Here is the list of available pets:

Each of these pets comes with unique benefits for your troops. They boost your troop stats and also have a special skill that can be used once every day.

How to Unlock Pets?

To get access to pets, your state must be at least 60 days old. Additionally, you’ll need to reach Furnace level 18 in order to construct the Beast Cage. After reaching Furnace level 18, the game will guide you through a tutorial that teaches you how to capture your very first pet.

How to Upgrade Pets?

You have the option to upgrade your pets and make them more powerful. With each upgrade, your pets offer even greater benefits to your troops. What’s more, after every 10 upgrades, your pet’s special skill receives an enhancement, making it even more useful.

To upgrade your pet, go to the Beast Cage, select the pet you wish to improve, and on the next screen, you’ll find the option to upgrade your pet using Pet Food.

To take your pets to the next level after every 10 upgrades, you must “Advance” them. This advanced upgrade requires specific items, including a Taming Manual, an Energizing Potion, and a Strengthening Serum.

Remember that you won’t need the Energizing Potion until your pet reaches level 30, and the Strengthening Serum becomes necessary only when your pet reaches level 50.

Here are the max levels of pets:

  • Cave Hyena has a maximum level of 50.
  • Artic Wolf and Musk Ox have a maximum level of 60.
  • Giant Tapir and Titan Roc have a maximum level of 70.
  • Giant Elk and Snow Leopard have a maximum level of 80.
  • Cave Lion and Snow Ape have a maximum level of 100.

Pet Refinement

In addition to upgrading your pets using Pet Food, there’s another method to increase the buffs provided by your pets called “Refinement.” Pet Refinement relies on two primary items: the Common Wild Mark and the Advanced Wild Mark.

When you choose to refine, you’ll notice changes in the buffs your troops receive from your pets. It’s important to understand that these changes can either make your troops better or slightly worse. Refinement doesn’t guarantee constant improvements in troop buffs.

If you’re satisfied with the current buffs provided through refinement, you can use the “Replace” button to preserve those buffs.

However, if you’re seeking better buffs, you can use the “Continue Refinement” option, which involves using more Common or Advanced Wild Marks in the hope of obtaining improved buffs for your troops.

Pet Adventure

Inside the Beast Cage, you’ll find an “Adventure” button, which is necessary for gathering the four essential items required for pet upgrades: Pet Food, Taming Manual, Energizing Potion, and Strengthening Serum. You can obtain these items by sending your pets on adventures to discover treasures.

It costs 10 Chief Stamina to send a pet on the adventure, and it takes four hours to complete its journey to the treasure.

There is a 10 percent chance that your pet might stumble upon an Ally Treasure during its adventure. These Ally Treasures can be shared with your alliance members, allowing them to reap rewards from it. You can also claim up to five Ally Treasures shared by your alliance members each day.

Each day, you have four chances to send your pets on adventures. During these adventures, you can come across three types of treasure chests, with the red one being the most valuable.

Keep in mind that certain treasure chests may demand a specific pet level before you can initiate the adventure attempt.



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