State Age and What to Expect

In Whiteout Survival, the age of your state (also known as a server) plays an important role. This is because it determines the availability of various features, heroes, and events as your state matures.

Over time, when a specific duration passes, the players within that state transition to the next generation. This transition brings about new heroes and additional content for the players in the state.

The age of your state isn’t just important for individual players; it also holds importance for alliances. As your state ages, it gives alliances access to new features, such as resource exchange.

How to Check State Age

Whiteout Survival doesn’t provide specific methods or data to precisely calculate your state’s age. However, there are a couple of practical approaches you can use to make a rough estimate of your state’s age.

While these methods may not yield exact results, they can give you a general idea of where your state stands in terms of its age. Let’s look at these methods.

Kindling Embers Achievement

One method to estimate your state’s age in Whiteout Survival involves checking the completion date of the “Kindling Embers” achievement within the Monument. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to the Monument, located to the left of the Arena and next to the Fishing Hut.
  2. Tap on the Monument to access the achievement tab.
  3. Within this tab, find and note the date mentioned on the “Kindling Embers” achievement.

For example, as shown in the image above, we completed this achievement on July 24. Most states complete this achievement after approximately three days of state creation. Therefore, we can estimate that our server was created on or around July 21. This method offers a rough but useful way to estimate the age of your state within the game.

Sunfire Castle’s Hall of Fame

The second method for estimating your state’s age is a bit trickier, but it can provide a good estimate. Here’s how you can use this method:

  1. Start by going to the “Castle Battle” section within the events menu.
  2. Press the “Go” button to enter the Castle Battle interface.
  3. Select the “Sunfire Castle” and then choose “Battle Record.”
  4. In the new tab, you’ll find an option to view the “Hall of Fame.” Select the Hall of Fame tab.
  5. Here, you’ll see a list of all the previous presidents of your state.
  6. To estimate your state’s age, look at the date when the first president was chosen and subtract 55 days from that date.

This calculation provides a rough estimate of your state’s age. While it may not be entirely precise, it offers a useful way to gauge the age of your state within the game.

What to Expect When State Ages

Sever AgeAvailable Features
0Generation 1 Heroes
40 daysGeneration 2 Heroes and Resource Exchange for Alliances
55 daysCastle Battle
60 daysPets (Beast Cage) and Fire Crystals
80 daysFirst State of Power Event
120 daysGeneration 3 Heroes
150 daysFire Crystal 5 (FC5) and Fire Crystal Research Center
200 daysGeneration 4 Heroes
230 daysWar Academy
280 daysGeneration 5 Heroes
330 daysFire Crystal 8 (FC8)
360 daysGeneration 6 Heroes
440 daysGeneration 7 Heroes
520 daysGeneration 8 Heroes
Server Age Timeline – Whiteout Survival

The table above shows the timeline for obtaining new features in Whiteout Survival. The new hero generations become available at specific intervals: 40 days, 120 days, 200 days, 280 days, 360, and 400 days. Each new generation of heroes offers superior stat buffs to your troops compared to the previous generation.

Additionally, there’s another important milestone at 230 days when you gain access to the War Academy. The War Academy is a notable addition to your state as it provides access to higher-quality research options that require Fire Crystal Shards.



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