Generation 3 Heroes

In Whiteout Survival, you can access Generation 3 heroes when your state reaches the age of 120 days. Generation 3 includes three heroes: Logan, Mia, and Greg. Each of these heroes boosts troop attack and defense by +290.23% in expedition battles. The earlier generation, Generation 2, offered a buff of +240.19%.


Logan is part of the Infantry class. You can unlock him via the Hall of Heroes during Generation 3. You can also get him through Daily Deals as you progress to higher generations.

Exploration Skills:

Fists of DestructionLogan hits the ground with his fist, creating a blast that deals Attack * 168% damage to his target and reduces the target’s attack speed by 50% for 4 seconds.
Power SuitLogan has a 16% chance of increasing Defense by 20% when attacked. This skill lasts for 2 seconds and can stack up to 5 times.
Blustery StrikeLogan’s punch creates a wind that deals Attack * 112% damage to targets in a cone-shaped area. This punch also has a 30% chance of stunning the targets for 1 second.
Logan’s Exploration Skills

Expedition Skills:

Lion StrikeThis skill gives all troops a 20% chance of dealing 40% extra damage per turn for 3 turns.
Lion IntimidationThis skill reduces the damage taken by all troops by 20%.
Leader InspirationThis skill increases the health of all troops by 25%.
Logan’s Expedition Skills


Greg is a marksman hero, which means he stays at his position during an exploration battle and uses a ranged weapon to attack his targets. During generation 3, you can unlock Greg through Hero Rally, Daily Deals, King of Icefield, and SVS. Once your state reaches a higher generation, you can also get him through Hero’s Mission and Hall of Heroes.

Exploration Skills:

Righteous WindGreg drops a cage on his targets, dealing Attack * 224% area of effect damage.
Poetic JusticeGreg has the power to either punish or commend his enemies. Punishing deals damage of Attack * 300%, while commendation can benefit the enemy by restoring their health. The health restored is equal to Greg’s Attack * 50% for the target.
Fair JudgementGreg can increase the damage taken by enemy troops by 30% for 3 seconds.
Greg’s Exploration Skills

Expedition Skills:

Sword of JusticeThis skill gives a 20% chance for all troops in a rally with Greg to boost their damage dealt by 40% for a duration of 3 turns.
Deterrence of LawWith this skill, there’s a 20% chance for all troops in a rally with Greg to reduce the damage dealt by enemy troops by 50% for 2 turns.
Law and OrderThis skill focuses on increasing the health of all troops in a rally with Greg, giving them a 25% increase in health.
Greg’s Expedition Skills


Mia is a lancer hero among the third-generation heroes. You can unlock her through the Lucky Wheel during the third generation. As your state progresses to higher generations, you can also get her through the Hall of Heroes and Daily Deals.

Exploration Skills:

Fate’s FinaleMia throws cards at her enemies, dealing damage equal to Attack * 378%. This attack has an added effect: it can stun the target for 1.5 seconds or decrease the target’s attack by 20%.
Bad OmenMia deals a variable damage attack based on 70% of her Attack’s base value. The damage fluctuates, ranging from 5% to 600% of her Attack’s base value.
Guardian of DestinyMia plays the healer role with this skill, restoring the health of the hero with the lowest health. The restoration amount is equal to Mia’s Attack * 140%, varying between 5% and 400% of her Attack’s base value.
Mia’s Exploration Skills

Expedition Skills:

Bad Luck StreakWhen this skill is activated, there’s a 50% chance that all troops in the rally will cast a curse on enemy troops. This curse increases the damage taken by 50% for all enemy troops.
Lucky CharmThis skill gives a 50% chance for all troops in her rally to deal 50% more damage.
Ritual DecipheringThis skill gives troops in a rally a 40% chance to reduce the damage taken by 50% for all troops.
Mia’s Expedition Skills


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