Generation 4 Heroes

In Whiteout Survival, you can access Generation 4 heroes when your state reaches the age of 200 days. Generation 4 includes three heroes: Ahmose, Reina, and Lynn. Each of these heroes boosts troop attack and defense by +370.29% in expedition battles. The earlier generation, Generation 3, offered a buff of +290.23%.


Ahmose is an Infantry hero among the Generation 4 heroes. As an Infantry hero, he engages his enemies in close combat using a shield and a spear.

You can unlock Ahmose through Daily Deals, King of Icefield, and State of Power. As your state progresses to higher generations, you can also obtain him through the Hall of Heroes and Hero’s Mission.

Exploration Skills:

Cthugha’s ProtectionAhmose uses his shield to enter an invulnerable state for 2 seconds. During this state, nearby friendly troops also take 70% less damage.
Daybreak KnifeAhmose uses his spear to deal Attack * 98% damage to his target. Additionally, this attack causes the targeted enemy to take 20% more damage for 2 seconds.
Ancestral BlessingThis skill is activated when Ahmose is in an invulnerable state from “Ctugha’s Protection”. Ahmose will recover health equal to Attack * 42% for 5 seconds.
Ahmose’s Exploration Skills

Expedition Skills:

Viper FormationThis skill reduces the damage taken by Lancers and Marksmen by 30% and Infantry by 70% for 2 turns.
Prayer of FlameThis skill increases the “Damage Dealt” of friendly Infantry troops by 100%.
Blade of LightThis skill increases the “Damage Dealt per attack” of friendly Infantry troops by 60%. Additionally, it increases target’s damage taken by 25% for 1 turn.
Ahmose’s Expedition Skills


Reina is a lancer hero within the Generation 4 heroes. You can unlock Reina through the Hall of Heroes during Generation 4. Later on, you can also get her through Daily Deals and the Alliance Championship Shop (during Generation 6).

Exploration Skills:

Phantom AssaultReina vanishes suddenly and strikes her enemies from behind. This attack deals Attack * 420% Area of Effect damage.
Vanishing TechniqueReina has a 25% chance of dodging enemy attacks.
Poison of DemonReina executes an illusion attack on her target, inflicting damage equal to Attack * 140% and freezing them for 1.5 seconds.
Reina’s Exploration Skills

Expedition Skills:

Assassin’s InstinctReina increases attack damage of all troops by 30%.
Swift JiveThis skill gives all friendly troops a 20% chance of dodging enemy attacks.
Shadow BladeThis skill gives friendly lancers a 25% chance of doing an extra attack. This extra attack deals 200% damage.
Reina’s Expedition Skills


Lynn is a marksman hero from the generation 4 heroes. You can unlock her through the Lucky Wheel during generation 4. Once your state progresses to generation 5, you can obtain her through the Hall of Heroes and Daily Deals. In generation 6, she becomes available in the Intel Missions as well.

Exploration Skills:

Hymn of SidrakLynn uses her guitar to perform a battle hymn, removing all debuffs (such as freeze or stun) from friendly heroes, including herself. Moreover, this action boosts the attack of friendly heroes by 7% for 5 seconds, and they remain immune to debuffs during this duration.
Lethal FinaleLynn shoots a penetrating bullet that inflicts damage equal to Attack * 300% as it passes through enemies.
Discordant TuneLynn performs a tune that decreases the attack speed of enemies by 3% and diminishes healing effects on them by 60%.
Lynn’s Exploration Skills

Expedition Skills:

Song of LionThis skill provides a 40% chance of increasing the damage dealt by friendly troops by 50%.
Melancholic BalladThis skill reduces the damage dealt by 20% for all enemy troops.
Oonai CadenzaThis skill increases the attack of friendly Marksmen by 5% for 3 attacks. It can be stacked and remains effective until the end of the battle.
Lynn’s Expedition Skills


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