Generation 6 Heroes

In November 2023, a few states upgraded to the sixth generation in Whiteout Survival, and they got three new heroes: Wayne, Renee, and Wu Ming. Let’s check out what skills and stats these heroes bring to the table so we can get to know them better.


Wayne belongs to the Marksman Class and falls under the Combat sub-class. Visually, he has a cowboy look, complete with a holster holding his gun. Wayne’s attire includes a cowboy hat, which he adjusts from time to time, and he has yellowish hair.

A distinctive feature is the poncho covering half of his face and extending down his back. He carries a large boomerang on his back, using it as his special ability by tossing it during gameplay.

Wayne’s Exploration Skills

Wayne’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Wayne comes equipped with three Exploration Skills: Hurricane Blowback, Phantom Blitz, and Noon Time!.

Hurricane Blowback: With this skill, Wayne’s boomerang deals 140% area-of-effect damage to enemies in a line, both when thrown and when it returns.

Phantom Blitz: This skill gives Wayne a 35% chance to deal damage again with his normal attack immediately after the first hit.

Noon Time!: Wayne provides 15% increase in Critical Rate when dealing damage to all heroes.

Wayne’s Expedition Skills

Marksman AttackMarksman Defense
Wayne’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

Wayne has three Expedition Skills for rallies and battles: Thunder Strike, Roundabout Hit, and Fleet.

Thunder Strike: Once every four turns, Wayne enables friendly troops to deal an additional attack, dealing 100% damage.

Roundabout Hit: In every other attack, Wayne’s troops deal 40% extra damage to enemy Lancers and 20% extra damage to enemy Marksmen.

Fleet: Offering a boost to all troops, Wayne provides a 25% increase in Critical Rate.


Renee is part of the Lancer Class and falls under the Combat sub-class. This clown character rides a large ball and uses needles as her main attack. With a vibrant appearance, Renee has purple-colored hair and wears classic clown makeup with a red ball on his nose. Completing the look, she wears a clown hat and is dressed in a green outfit.

Renee’s Exploration Skills

Renee’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Renee has three Exploration Skills at his disposal: Illusion Cloud, Starpaint, and Dream Vision.

Illusion Cloud: Renee throws a vibrant ball that explodes, creating a cloud and causing area-of-effect damage equal to 140% of her Attack. This cloud confuses enemies, making them attack in the wrong direction, sometimes even targeting their own allies.

Starpaint: With this skill, Renee places a Star Mark on her chosen target, increasing the target’s damage taken by 6% for 4 seconds. Additionally, the Star Mark deals damage equal to 70% of Renee’s Attack when first applied.

Dream Vision: Targets marked with Star Mark contribute to Renee’s strength. They increase her Attack by 24%, and Renee deals 12% more damage to these marked targets.

Renee’s Expedition Skills

Lancer AttackLancer Defense
Renee’s Max Level Expedition Skills

Renee has three Expedition Skills that provide support to her and the troops in rallies and world map battles. These skills are Nightmare Trace, Dreamcatcher, and Dreamslice.

Nightmare Trace: Renee’s troops have the ability to place Dream Marks on their targets every three turns. This allows them to deal an additional 150% Lancer Damage for one turn. The Dream Marks last for just one turn.

Dreamcatcher: With this skill, Renee increases her troops’ damage against marked targets by 75%.

Dreamslice: Renee further increases the damage dealt to marked targets by 25%.

Wu Ming

The last of the Generation 6 Heroes is Wu Ming, an Infantry Class hero who, like the others, belongs to the Combat sub-class. Wu Ming is a skilled Martial Arts expert, easily recognizable by his traditional conical hat commonly worn by Martial Artists.

His primary weapon is a staff that he carries in his right hand. With black hair and dressed in a grayish traditional Chinese outfit, Wu Ming brings a cultural flair to the team.

Wu Ming’s Exploration Skills

Wu Ming’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Wu Ming use three Exploration Skills in both Exploration Battles and Arena Battles. These skills are Cyclone Barrier, Inner Clarity, and Remote Impact.

Cyclone Barrier: Wu Ming makes himself invulnerable for 2 seconds while simultaneously deals area-of-effect damage equal to 140% of his Attack.

Inner Clarity: With this skill, Wu Ming increases his combat abilities. He boosts his attack by 24% and increases his defense by an impressive 48% for a duration of 4 seconds.

Remote Impact: With every strike, Wu Ming deals damage equal to 28% of his Attack to a randomly chosen enemy.

Wu Ming’s Expedition Skills

Infantry AttackInfantry Defense
Wu Ming’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

Wu Ming has three Expedition Skills that come into play during rallies and world map battles. These skills are Shadow’s Evasion, Crescent Uplift, and Elemental Resonance.

Shadow’s Evasion: Wu Ming reduces the damage his troops take from normal attacks by 25% and the damage taken from skills by an additional 30%.

Crescent Uplift: In a supportive role, Wu Ming boosts the damage output of friendly troops by a solid 20%.

Elemental Resonance: Wu Ming increases the skill damage of friendly troops by 25%. This skill amplifies the impact of special abilities during battles.


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