City Development

City Development is a special event in Whiteout Survival that takes place in the first generation and ends when your server moves on to generation 2. In this event, your aim is to speed up different tasks in your city, like construction, research, and training troops. You can use all types of speedups to earn points and get rewards when you reach certain point milestones.

Let’s take a closer look at how this event works.

How to Earn Points during City Development?

The City Development event runs for two days. Your job during this time is to use speedups on different tasks in your city, like training troops, upgrading buildings, and doing research in the Research Center.

Every time you use a speedup on one of these tasks, you get 1 point. The aim is to collect as many points as you can to grab all the milestone rewards and maybe even secure a spot on the event leaderboard for some extra rewards.

To get ready for this event, it’s smart to save up speedups beforehand. Keep an eye on the Event Calendar, and when you see the City Development event coming up, start saving and then use your speedups during the event to get the most points.

If you’ve unlocked Chief Gears (which become available at Furnace level 22), you can also upgrade or craft them to earn a bunch of points. Just remember, this Chief Gear task is only possible if your Furnace is at level 22 or higher.

City Development Event Rewards

There are two kinds of rewards you can get from the City Development event. The first type is the milestone rewards, and these are pretty easy to unlock. You just need to keep using speedups throughout the two-day event.

The second type of rewards is a bit tougher to get, and these are the Leaderboard rewards. Earning a spot on the leaderboard takes a bit more effort and strategy.

Milestone Rewards

There are four point milestones in the City Development event where you can claim rewards. The first one is at 100 points, the second at 2000 points, the third at 7500 points, and the big one at 16,000 points.

Reaching that final milestone means using speedups equivalent to 16,000 minutes – it sounds like a lot, but you’ve got plenty of time to complete the event.

When you hit the third milestone, you get a nice boost of 600 minutes worth of speedups as a reward, which can make a noticeable difference. At the final milestone, the rewards are pretty sweet: 4000 gems and 10 Mythic Skill Manuals.

Leaderboard Rewards

Getting Leaderboard rewards is a tougher challenge. To get these rewards, you have to climb the event leaderboard, also known as Honor Rankings. In Honor Rankings, you’re up against all the players in your state, competing to secure a spot on the leaderboard.

Only the top 100 players with the highest earned points during the event make it onto the leaderboard.

When the event wraps up, the leaderboard rewards go to these top 100 players based on their points. Leaderboard rewards often go to players who spend money in the game because they purchase speedups.


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