Power Up Event

The Power Up Event is a special milestone-based event in Whiteout Survival. To get rewards, you need to earn points and reach specific milestones. This event usually occurs in the early stages of your game and repeats a few times. As your state gets older, this event eventually gets replaced by the Officer Project.

Now, let’s jump into the details of the Power Up Event.

Power Up Event Tasks

In the Power Up event, you have three tasks to choose from, and you can do one or all of them to earn points. Here are the tasks:

  1. Increase power by constructing – 1 Point
  2. Increase power through research – 1 Point
  3. Increase power by training/promoting troops – 1 Point

For each task you do in your city, you earn one point. You can construct or upgrade buildings, conduct research in the Research Center, or train/promote troops in Military Camps. The recommended approach is to save speedups and use them during the event. This way, you can earn points fast and reach all the milestones quickly.

The event usually appears on the Event Calendar two days before it starts, giving you time to get ready.

Power Up Event Rewards

The Power Up event offers great rewards to boost your early city upgrades. You can claim the first rewards at 1000 points, and the final tier rewards become available at 130,000 points. There are four reward tiers in total.

To reach the highest tier, you need to gather 130,000 points. The top-tier reward includes 3,600 gems and 10 Mythic Skill Manuals.

Here’s a breakdown of the rewards:

  • 1000 Points: 80 units of 1K Wood, 80 units of 1K Meat
  • 53,000 Points: 325 units of 10K Meat, 325 units of 10K Wood, 65 units of 10K Coal, 16 units of 10K Iron
  • 86,000 Points: 10 units of 1K Hero XP, 75 units of 5-minute Speedups
  • 130,000 Points: 3,600 Gems, 10 Skill Manuals

For even better rewards, aim for a top spot on the event leaderboard by earning as many points as possible. Even after reaching all milestones, you can still earn more points. The leaderboard, called Honor Ranking, rewards the top 100 players in your state with the most points when the event concludes.


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