Defeat Nearby Beasts Event

“Defeat Nearby Beasts” is an event in Whiteout Survival that happens every few weeks. In this event, you need to defeat beasts or polar terror on the world map to get points. These points help you unlock rewards that you can claim. The event goes on for 2 days, giving you enough time to finish it.

How to Earn Points during Defeat Nearby Beasts?

  • Defeat 1 Beast – 1 Point
  • Call rally on Polar Terror – 3 Points

To score points in Defeat Nearby Beasts, you can either team up with your Alliance for rallies on polar terrors or take on beasts by yourself on the world map. Launching a rally on a polar terror earns you 3 points, while a solo attack on a beast gets you 1 point.

To unlock all the rewards, you need a total of 80 points. If you choose the solo path, you’ll have to defeat 80 beasts within the two-day period.

On the other hand, if you opt for rallies, you’ll need to launch 27 of them to reach 80 points, as each rally gives 3 points. Solo attacks are faster, taking less time than it takes for a rally (roughly five minutes), so going solo is usually the quicker option.

How to Prepare for this Event?

Before the Defeat Nearby Beasts event kicks off, it’s a good idea to start saving up stamina. For every attack you make on a beast, you use up 10 stamina. To finish the event and defeat the necessary 80 beasts, you’ll need a total of 800 stamina.

On the flip side, each rally you start requires 25 stamina, and for this event, launching 27 rallies will use up 675 stamina. Opting for rallies needs 125 stamina less but is a slower choice.

If you find yourself low on stamina, going for the rally option might be a smarter move than going solo.

Rewards of Defeat Nearby Beasts

There are four reward levels that you can unlock by earning points in the Defeat Nearby Beasts event. The first reward tier becomes available at 1 point, the second at 30 points, the third at 50 points, and the last one at 80 points. Here’s a breakdown of these rewards:

  • 1 Point: 80 units of 1,000 Meat and Wood
  • 30 Points: 300 units of 10,000 Meat and Wood, 60 units of 10,000 Coal, 15 units of 10,000 Iron
  • 50 Points: 10,000 Hero XP, 90 Speedup items
  • 80 Points: 5 Gold Keys, 10 Mythic Skill Manuals

As you can see, the rewards get better as you reach higher tiers, with the best rewards waiting for you at the final tier—5 keys for Epic Recruitment and 10 Skill Manuals.

Similar to other point-based events in Whiteout Survival, you can also aim for a spot on the leaderboard during this event. The leaderboard features players from your state who have earned the most points throughout the event.

The top 100 players on the leaderboard receive additional rewards once the event end. These extra rewards consist of a large number of gems and speedups.


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