Alliance Mobilization

Alliance Mobilization is an Alliance event that takes place every two weeks in Whiteout Survival. During this event, you and your alliance members collaborate to complete different tasks, and your efforts are rewarded with valuable in-game items.

The prizes you can earn in Alliance Mobilization usually consist of recruitment keys, gems, resources, hero XP, and speed-up items. As you progress to higher tiers of Alliance Mobilization, your rewards can also include more rare items like Essence Stones and Fire Crystals.

How to Participate in Alliance Mobilization?

To join the Alliance Mobilization event, your Furnace needs to reach a minimum level of 10, and you should be a member of an Alliance with at least 15 members.

When the event starts, visit the Alliance Mobilization event page within the game’s event section. Here, you can pick the specific tasks you’d like to complete to earn points and contribute to your Alliance’s progress in the event.

How does Alliance Mobilization work?

In the Alliance Mobilization events, your goal is to earn points for both your Alliance and yourself by selecting tasks from a list of options. These tasks are categorized into three types: blue, purple, and yellow. Yellow tasks offer the most points, while blue tasks provide the fewest.

There’s a wide variety of tasks to choose from, but note that some tasks may not be ideal for free-to-play players since they require spending real money. For example, there’s a task where you need to purchase a specific amount of gems to earn points.

However, there are other tasks that are more accessible to free-to-play players. These include training troops, hunting polar terrors, defeating beasts, gathering resources, and using speed-up items. These tasks can help you make progress in the event without the need for in-game purchases.

Additionally, you have the option to re-roll tasks in the Alliance Mobilization event to get more favorable ones. When you decide to re-roll a task, a new task will replace the previous one after a 2-minute cooldown. Alliance Leaders holding ranks like R4 and above have the ability to re-roll Alliance Mobilization Tasks every 30 minutes.

One important detail to keep in mind is that there is a limit to the number of tasks you can complete each day, and this limit refreshes on a daily basis. So, if you choose a task and then decide to abandon it, it will count as one of your daily attempts.


There are two kinds of points that you earn by completing tasks: Alliance Points and Personal Points. As your Alliance Points reach specific milestones, it triggers the unlocking of new rewards that you can claim.

These unlocked rewards come in two categories: Alliance Rewards and Personal Rewards. The Alliance Rewards can be collected immediately without any personal point requirements, but to claim your Personal Rewards, you’ll need to obtain a certain amount of personal points.

Alliance Mobilization League Tiers

Alliance Mobilization features five League Tiers that your Alliance can progress through. These tiers are Rookie, Junior, Senior, Elite, and Legendary. Initially, your Alliance begins at the Rookie tier. To advance to higher tiers and gain access to better rewards, your Alliance needs to perform well in Alliance Mobilizations.

To reach higher League Tiers, your Alliance must achieve a minimum of the 8th milestone award in the Alliance Points pathway. Additionally, your Alliance needs to secure a spot within the top 3 in terms of earned points in the Alliance Rankings, which includes all the Alliances within your state.

On the other hand, there’s also the possibility of your Alliance being demoted from higher League Tiers to lower ones. This can happen if your Alliance ranks within the last three positions in the Alliance Rankings. To maintain your current tier or prevent demotion, it’s essential to make sure that your Alliance consistently earns a large number of points.

Alliance Mobilization Tips

For free-to-play players looking to perform better in the Alliance Mobilization event, it’s recommended to avoid tasks that involve Chief Gear Upgrades or gem usage. Instead, focus on the more accessible tasks that can earn you a large number of points.

The most straightforward task to target is troop training. If you’re fortunate, you can obtain as many as 1,500 points from this task alone. You can improve your chances of getting this task by re-rolling your tasks multiple times. Prioritize troop training tasks to obtain points easily.

As you continue with troop training tasks, you may notice that you receive them less frequently. When this happens, consider shifting your focus to resource-gathering tasks. These tasks are another reliable source of points that don’t require you to spend money.

Finally, tasks involving polar terrors and defeating beasts are also relatively straightforward and can help you achieve higher rankings within your Alliance. By concentrating on these types of tasks, you can make a strong contribution to your Alliance’s overall performance in the event.


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