Enlistment Office and Loyalty

The Enlistment Office in Whiteout Survival can be puzzling for many players. In this article, we aim to provide a straightforward and easy-to-understand explanation of what the Enlistment Office is and how it functions.

Additionally, we’ll explore the distinctions between the troops available in the Enlistment Office and those in the Field Triage Phase of SVS. So, let’s jump right into it.

What is the Enlistment Office?

The Enlistment Office is located between the Infirmary and Command Center, positioned just to the right of the Storehouse. As its name suggests, the Enlistment Office is responsible for enlisting new troops to increase your city’s army.

Unlike many other buildings in the game, the Enlistment Office doesn’t receive any upgrades. Its functions typically expand as your Furnace Levels increase.

How does the Enlistment Office Work?

When your troops sustain injuries, whether from participating in event battles like the Foundry Battle, Castle Battle, or State of Power, or from engaging in attacks on other cities or defending against attacks, they are sent to the Infirmary for treatment. The Infirmary is located just below the Enlistment Office and is specifically designed to heal your troops.

The Infirmary has a fixed capacity for holding a certain number of troops, and this capacity can be increased through upgrades or certain research conducted in the Research Center.

If the number of injured troops is more than the Infirmary’s capacity, the excess injured troops are then sent to the Enlistment Office. Once in the Enlistment Office, these troops are considered as lost, and the Enlistment Office replaces them by hiring new recruits.

The Enlistment Office can hire new recruits to replace the lost troops, typically at a rate of 70 percent of the troops sent there, with the remaining 30 percent considered lost permanently.

For example, if your Infirmary is at full capacity and sends 10,000 injured troops to the Enlistment Office, the Enlistment Office will recruit 7,000 new troops to replace the lost ones, while the remaining 3,000 troops are irrecoverably lost.

Loyalty and Troop Enlistment

Once you have reserves in the Enlistment Office, you can hire them using Loyalty Points. Loyalty Points are automatically generated by the Enlistment Office at a specific hourly rate. The rate at which you obtain Loyalty Points depends on three key factors:

  1. Loyalty Points Balance: If you already have a large number of Loyalty Points, your rate of earning new ones will slow down.
  2. Infirmary Troops: If your Infirmary is filled with a lot of injured troops, the rate at which you gain Loyalty Points will also decrease.
  3. Enlistment Office Reserves: On the other hand, if the Enlistment Office has a higher number of reserves, the Loyalty Points will be generated more rapidly.

So, to boost your Loyalty Points rate, it’s best to keep your Infirmary as empty as possible and use your Loyalty Points regularly. The fewer Loyalty Points you have in stock, the faster you’ll earn new ones.

In addition to the Loyalty Points you automatically receive, there are several other ways to gather Loyalty Points. These additional methods include:

  1. Daily Missions: Completing daily missions is one way to earn Loyalty Points.
  2. Wilderness Resource Gathering: When you gather resources in the Wilderness, you can also get Loyalty Points.
  3. Loyalty Tags: Loyalty Tags provide another means to obtain Loyalty Points. One Loyalty Tag is equivalent to 1000 Loyalty Points. You can obtain Loyalty Tags by purchasing them with gems or through the purchase of a Loyalty Pack using real money.

Enlistment Office and Field Triage Phase of SVS

The Field Triage Phase becomes available after the battle phase of the State of Power Event (SVS) concludes. During this phase, you have the opportunity to recover troops that were lost in battle.

You might be wondering why the Field Triage Phase is necessary if the Enlistment Office already replaces 70 percent of the dead troops. The answer lies in the 30 percent that the Enlistment Office can’t bring back.

During the Field Triage Phase in SVS, you have the chance to revive up to 90 percent of these lost troops – the majority of the 30 percent that the Enlistment Office couldn’t replace. In short, the Field Triage Phase focuses on reviving most of the troops that the Enlistment Office couldn’t recover.


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