How to get more Iron?

Iron is an important resource for the city’s growth in Whiteout Survival. You need it to upgrade buildings, conduct research, and train and heal troops. There are several ways to obtain iron in the game. Here are the best ways to get Iron:

  • Iron Mine
  • Gathering
  • Alliance Chests
  • Beasts and Polar Terrors
  • Daily Missions
  • Events
  • Hero Recruitment
  • Pet Adventure
  • Nomadic Merchant
  • VIP Shop
  • Deals

Iron Mine

The Iron Mine stands out as the primary source of Iron in Whiteout Survival. By upgrading the Iron Mine, you can assign up to six workers to it. The mine has the potential to generate thousands of Iron daily. Therefore, upgrading your Iron Mine is necessary for increasing your Iron supply.


Resource Gathering is another excellent method to get Iron, especially if your supply is running low. On the world map, you’ll discover numerous Abandoned Smelters of different levels. The higher the level of an Abandoned Smelter, the greater the amount of Iron you can obtain from it.

Actively sending your troops to gather at these Abandoned Smelters allows you to collect plenty of Iron daily.

Alliance Chests

When you become a part of an Alliance, you get chests as rewards each time your Alliance defeats a Polar Terror on the world map. These chests come with different items like speedups and resources. In addition to these items, the Alliance also earns keys for taking down Polar Terrors. Once your Alliance collects 150,000 keys, every Alliance member can unlock a big chest known as the Honor Chest.

Opening the Honor Chest gives big rewards, including a decent amount of Iron. So, joining an active Alliance that regularly attacks Polar Terrors is a smart way to get plenty of free Iron by simply opening these chests.

Beasts and Polar Terrors

Taking down Beasts and Polar Terrors is another effective method to get Iron for your city. You can find different beasts and Polar Terrors scattered across the world map.

To hunt down Polar Terrors, you must join an Alliance, whereas Beasts can be defeated solo. The higher the level of the Beast or Polar Terror you defeat, the greater the resources you receive. Polar Terrors offer superior rewards compared to Beasts, but they also demand more stamina and time to defeat.

Daily Missions

You can also obtain Iron by completing Daily Missions, and in fact, this is one of the best methods to obtain Iron. By opening the seventh Daily Missions Chest, you can receive up to 270K Iron. Therefore, it is recommended to always complete your Daily Missions to ensure you receive Iron rewards.


Every day, the game hosts various events, including milestone events like the Officer Project, City Development, and Plan your City, among others. These events offer plenty of Iron as rewards if you manage to earn enough points.

Typically, the resource rewards are claimable at the first points milestone, making it easier to obtain them. In addition to these milestone-based events, there are other events available every few days, such as the Alliance Mobilization event, which is a great source of Iron.

Hero Recruitment

You can also get Iron through hero recruitment at the Hero Hall. There’s a 2 percent chance to receive 1K Iron from Epic Recruitment using this method. While it might not be a big amount, it can still provide you with the extra Iron needed to kickstart an upgrade or other activities in the game.

Pet Adventure

When you send your pets on adventures, they can collect chests containing various items such as Pet Food, speedups, and Custom Resource Chests. You can open these Custom Resource Chests to obtain Iron.

Nomadic Merchant

The Nomadic Merchant offers another opportunity to obtain Iron. Every day, new offers become available at the Nomadic Merchant, and you can also refresh these offers. Sometimes, you can exchange other resources such as Meat for Iron in these offers. This way, you can collect a good amount of Iron from the Nomadic Merchant on a daily basis.

VIP Shop

At the VIP Shop, you have the option to buy 10K Iron for 40 gems. There are 200 sets of 10K Iron available in the VIP Shop every week. Once you purchase them all, you’ll need to wait for the shop to reset. If you find yourself short on Iron for starting an upgrade, you can visit the VIP Shop to get the additional Iron you require.


In the in-game shop, you have the option to purchase Iron. There are deals available that offer several items along with Iron. If you’re willing to invest in the game, you can use this pay-to-win approach to obtain Iron for your city.


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