Arena becomes available once you reach Furnace level 8 in Whiteout Survival. It’s a place where you can challenge other players’ hero lineups in exploration battles to earn Arena Points. You can engage in up to five battles in the Arena daily.

How does Arena work?

In the Arena, you can compete against five players every day. You’ll need to select a lineup of heroes to go up against your opponent’s lineup. It’s essential to know that Arena battles aren’t live; players set up their Defensive Lineups, and others can attack them even if the defending player isn’t online.

Here is how Arena works:

  • When you win a battle in the Arena, you earn Arena Points. Importantly, if you lose a battle, you don’t lose any points.
  • You’ll only lose points in the Arena when another player attacks your hero lineup and defeats it. However, winning a defense doesn’t earn you any points.
  • Every day, you participate in two leaderboard competitions. The Daily Leaderboard rewards players daily according to their Arena Points. Meanwhile, the Weekly Leaderboard, also known as Arena Season, offers bigger rewards based on the points you gained in the Arena throughout the week.

How to earn more points in Arena?

In the Arena, your defensive lineup is only attacked by other players if you use your daily attacks. To earn more points, many players choose to do their attacks just a few minutes before the Arena resets.

The Arena resets every day at 0:00 UTC. By attacking shortly before this time, you reduce the chances of being attacked by other players because fewer people are online at that hour.

This strategy, along with using 2100 gems to get 5 extra Arena battles, can help you secure a spot in the top 500 of the daily leaderboard and earn a larger amount of Arena Tokens.

Arena Shop

If you use all your Arena Battles every day, regardless of whether you win or lose, you’ll earn 300 Arena Tokens. These tokens can be used to buy different rare items in the Arena Shop.

Among these items, the most sought-after and expensive one is the Custom Mythic Hero Gear Chest, which costs 12,000 Arena Tokens. Many players aim to gather more points in the Arena to obtain this chest. By consistently getting at least 300 Arena Tokens every day, you can afford to purchase this chest approximately every 40 days.

Here is a list of all the items available in the Arena Shop:

ItemArena Tokens Required
Custom Mythic Hero Gear Chest12,000
Custom Epic Hero Gear Chest3,750
Essence Stone2,500
Zinman Shard2,000
Mythic General Hero Shard2,500
Taming Manual240
Energizing Potion1,200
Strengthening Serum2,400
Advanced Wild Mark4,800
Epic General Hero Shard500
Rare General Hero Shard250
Mythic Exploration Manual1,000
Epic Exploration Manual500
Rare Exploration Manual150
Mythic Expedition Manual1,000
Epic Expedition Manual500
Rare Expedition Manual1500
5K Hero XP150
Arena Shop Items


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