Upgrade Priorities Guide

When playing Whiteout Survival, many players often ask about the key upgrades in the game and if it’s a good idea to rush their city’s furnace to reach higher levels. In this article, we’ll talk about the right order for upgrading your city, helping you make the most progress and reach higher furnace levels faster.

Here are some of the most important upgrades in the game list in order:

  • Embassy
  • Resource Buildings
  • Military Camps (Infantry Camp, Lancer Camp, and Marksman Camp)
  • Research Center
  • Command Center

Always get the extra construction queue

If you’re aiming to speed up your city’s upgrades, make sure to always get the extra construction queue. You can either unlock it temporarily using gems or permanently purchase it from the in-game shop.

Having an extra construction queue can boost your upgrades because it lets you start two upgrades simultaneously instead of just one. We’ve covered the extra construction queue in more detail in our article titled “Is Extra Construction Queue worth it?

Should you max everything before going to the next Furnace level?

It’s a good idea to focus on upgrading only the important buildings mentioned at the beginning of the article, rather than maxing out everything. Keep pushing your Furnace upgrades to reach level 26, unlocking features like Chief Gear, Chief Charms, Beast Cage, and Tier-9 troops.

While rushing your Furnace, use one of your construction queues to upgrade the necessary building for Furnace upgrades, typically the Embassy at higher levels. Use the second construction queue to upgrade your resource buildings so that you have a steady flow of resources for starting upgrades.

Aim for at least level 20 with your resource buildings and focus on relevant resource output research in the Research Center. Once your resource buildings hit level 20 and resource output researches in the Research Center are at level 4, you’ll have plenty of resources to not worry about future upgrades.

Try reaching level 26 with Military Camps

At Furnace level 26, you can upgrade your Military Camps (Infantry Camp, Lancer Camp, and Marksman Camp) to level 26, unlocking the Tier-9 troops. These Tier-9 troops are gold troops and much more powerful compared to previous tiers.

Once you reach Tier-9, there’s only one more tier left to unlock, which is Tier-10 troops, followed by Fire Crystal troops available when your city enters the Fire Crystal age.

Tier-9 troops are sufficient for various activities like events, gathering resources, beast hunting, or attacking other players’ cities. After unlocking Tier-9 troops, it’s advisable to hold off on the Furnace upgrade and focus on maxing out all other aspects of your city first.

Upgrade the Research Center when Necessary

The Research Center is an important upgrade that unlocks various important research projects vital for your city’s growth. Since working on these researches takes considerable time, it’s recommended to maximize all research options within the Research Center before upgrading it.

By doing so, you can prioritize your construction queue for other critical upgrades, such as the Military Camps.

Keep the level of Command Center and Military Camps uniform

The Command Center is another important building that should be high on your upgrade priority list. It enables you to send larger rallies on beasts, polar terrors, events, and other players. For optimal results, maintain the same level for your Command Center as your Military Camps.

For example, if your Military Camps are at level 22, upgrade your Command Center to level 22 as well. This makes sure that along with obtaining powerful troops, you also increase your rally sizes, allowing you to send a larger number of troops effectively.

Increase your construction speed

There are several methods to speed up the construction of upgrades in your city. We’ve detailed these in our article titled “How to Reduce Construction Time.” By implementing these strategies, your upgrades will happen much faster, allowing you to transition your city into the Fire Crystal age as quickly as possible.


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